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Originally Posted by thameeptots View Post
Ok here's the list for tomorrow at 8:30 PM CST.. I'd still like to have a couple backup guys in case somebody flakes out (which always happens), so fill in the spots and shoot me a FR on XBL.

1. ThaMeepTots
2. ThaMeepTots (guest)
3. ThaMeepTots (guest)
4. LV 223
5. LV 223 (guest)
6. LV 223 (guest)
7. Wahoo35
8. Wahoo35 (guest)
9. Lone Solja6925
10. Lone Solja6925 (guest)
11. LadiesMan2490
12. LadiesMan2490 (guest)
13. Phhaselock
14. Phhaselock (guest)
15. Phhaselock (guest)
16. Brave Sir Chuck

17. (backup)
18. (backup)

Looking forward to it.
I'd love to fill in one of those guest slots. I have two controllers myself and I'll be up for it anytime tomorrow. I sent you a message on Xbox Live and a friend request. I've changed my gamertag now btw, I'm "Baldbright."
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