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Originally Posted by Thee Elf View Post
Here's how I did it:

Shot #1 & #2: Don't go through the 5K icons (for shots #3 & #4). You want to barely clip the front pillar in the path so that it knocks it down then you get the Lightning Shield to boost and destroy the back walls.

Shot #3: Regular shot just aim to take out the wall with the TNT brick.

Shot #4: Aim toward the other wall with the TNT but more toward the center and detonate right as you get near the wall.

Shot #5: Shoot low and fast to hit the front center pillar and wait to detonate until you reach the back building.

*NOTE* I never used the lightning shield high and in the center. Hopefully this makes sense and helps.
Following the above guide, this always happens to me;

Originally Posted by LeiChat View Post
How did you get that last shot all the way to the back without using the speed shield?
I've destroyed a fair bit of that centre wall be shooting 3 and 4 slightly closer but shot 5 always explodes short of that final castle.
My final shot never reaches the last castle. What am I not understanding here? Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT- Well, I got gold on it. I never figured out how to reach the back castle with the final bomb shot though.

I think I got pretty lucky.

On the 3rd shot I started curving to the left while going for the score token. I then started curving the shot back to the right, towards the red satchel charge. Somehow the basic shot managed to bounce its way into the rear castle as well, nearly destroying all of it. Those extra points were enough to give me gold.

I wouldn't recommend this as a strategy, as I said I believe I got lucky. But if you can't get it following the diagram give it a shot, you might get lucky too.

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