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Mission 12 - Death Factory

Mastery - Death Factory: Complete all challenges.

Wear all disguises in the mission. This includes Factory Guard, Researcher, and Scientist.

Evidence Collector:
Collect all evidence.

Evidence 1: Once you ride the elevator and see the pig/mine testing area, go to the top area and there is a security lookout. Near the back left by a computer are some files to collect.

Evidence 2: Head to the showers (you see it straight ahead when you start the Decontamination area). There is a room connected to the showers which appears to be a break room. On the coffee table you will find the evidence. This is also the room you disable the security.

Evidence 3: In the R&D area, go all the way to the bottom. There is a middle section with people all around working on things. On the back of one of the stations is the evidence.

Do not get spotted during the mission.

Suit Only:
Do not wear a disguise during the mission.

Good Test Results:
In the Test Facility, you will ride an elevator and when it stops, you'll see pigs walking on mines. If you look straight ahead and up, you will see a glass booth. Inside at the front is a red button. You will need to get rid of the scientist there. Dr. Green will eventually walk around in the grass area. You can deploy the pigs and get him blown up. You can also just run in and press the button and get caught if you want to (just to complete the challenge).

The Abyss Gazes Back:
Right after the elevator ride, you will be at the test facility and see pigs walking on mines. Look up and you will see a glass booth. Shoot the bottom of it and Dr. Green will fall to his death. You will likely get detected, so just reload your checkpoint.

The Common Good:
This is an accidental kill for Dr. Green in the Test Facility area. Go to the back of the area once you get to the place they are testing mines with pigs. There is a computer where you can disable the security. On a shelf nearby you will find a proximity detector. Walk through the room and find a desk with mine parts on it. Add the detector to the mine and wait for Dr. Green to mess around with it. He will blow up.

Scientific Thoroughness:
Complete the challenges Good Test Results, The Abyss Gazes Back, and The Common Good.

Happy Birthday!:
As soon as you start the Decontamination area, go to your right and through the doors (hopefully you have the scientist disguise still on). If not you'll have to find another way. Continue on to another door that has notes on it. Right when you enter, take cover and move to subdue the stripper. Dump her body nearby and hide in the cake. When all of the people walk in, activate Point Shooting mode and take everyone out except Carl (it's his birthday). Carl is the only one in the group who is not a guard. He is a researcher.

In the Right Space:
When you enter the R&D area, go down the steps until you find the test chamber. Sneak to the back near a robot arm. Stand by the computer until your target (Dr. Valentine) walks in. Activate the arm and the researcher will go to investigate. Now go to the computer the researcher was on. When Dr. Valentine walks into the testing space activate the computer to close the door and blow him up.

The Shock Doctrine:
From the start of R&D, walk down to the conference room. Sneak past the researchers and go through a door leading to stairs. Head all the way down. Subdue the guard and use his disguise. Continue on and you'll find yourself in a room with a laser gun shooting dummies. In the record room close to it and down some steps, you will find the safety code on a desk by the coffee maker. Bring it back up to the computer that activates the laser. When Dr. Valentine walks in, activate it.

From the start of R&D area, go down the stairs and to the second chemical lab which is empty. Inside in the far corner is Fire Paste. Take it. Go up the stairs in the room and you will see a green glowing beaker. Sneak to it and spike it with fire paste. Wait, and Dr. Valentine will walk in and use it. He will die afterwards.

Doctor in the House:
Complete the challenges: In The Right Space, The Shock Doctrine, and Eureka!.

Strap Him In:
In the R&D section, run all the way down the stairs. Go into the room with the chair and robot arms. If you want to do this unseen, you will have to use the valve to make the room steamy for 30 seconds and time it right. Otherwise, just wait and once the doctor sits in the chair, activate the arm. This gives the Silent Assassin bonus.

Venture all the way down the stairs in R&D area. Circle around the equipment in the middle that is below ground level. There is a valve you can use to make it all foggy for 30 seconds. Do this and find the target quickly. Use a silenced pistol to shoot him in the head.

Complete both Strap Him In and Unseen challenges.

Research and Hidings:
You will need to subdue 7 researchers and stay unseen while you dump all of them over the railing (or hide them).

Ground Zero:
Complete the mission.

Reap What You Sow - Part 1:
When you step off an elevator, you will see a testing area where pigs are walking on mines. In the very back there is a good amount of railing and below it, is a ton of blood and pig carcasses. Throw the scientists over the railing (they wear the yellow lab outfits).

Reap What You Sow - Part 2:
The same as part 1 except now you must repeat 5 times.

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