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While I am enjoying the game, I don't feel it's a 10/10, and it seems like someone decided to make Far Cry 3 be Just Cause 2 in FPS mode (without the awesome grappling hook and no tons of explody stuff, I might add). It's a decent, fun game (a lot more than FC2, that's for sure), but here are some gripes:

1. Jason Brody looks and sounds like Ted from How I Met Your Mother. As Ted is widely considered to be a douche (even by the show's fans, no less), this is not a good thing.
2. I don't really like any of Brody's pals, so I wouldn't really be compelled to rescue them if the story didn't force me to.
3. I don't like the fact that new skills are only opened based on how far you are into the story as opposed to level progression. Like they were worried I'd ignore the main campaign or something. Since I liberated the North island before completing much of the story, and I had built up 15 skill points with nothing to spend them on because I'd purchased all of the unlocked skills already.
4. Attempting a Death from Above with a hang glider is fucking impossible. I tried it dozens of times on a stationary enemy on a roof and couldn't hit him once. I did perfect landings right next to him so he could hit me with his rifle and knock me down, but the game does not assist in any way, like it will if you drop on a guy near the end of a zip line.
5. If I'm standing in grass and using a flame thrower, the grass at my feet catches fire immediately after pulling the trigger. While I dig that the grass can burn and love the effect, I have issue with it doing it in this manner. I think the operative word is "thrower" in the weapon title. That means that the flame is going AWAY from me, not at my feet.
6.The body-dragging skill sucks ass. The fact that I can only drag a body when backing up, but then don't get any way to see where I'm going is just not helpful. And to top it off, sometimes enemies see the bodies through other objects, so it's a rather pointless perk.
7. The chained takedown perk is pretty cool, but it's difficult to see your next target when the first is filling the screen with his terrified, bloody face...
8. Other than for XP and a little cash, side-missions are not worth doing. And I'm not talking the Path of the Hunter and Wanted: Dead activities, I'm talking about the "missions" with the blue exclamation points. Granted, I haven't done anything on the Southern island, so this could change, but I'm doubting it.
9. Taking way too much damage from inconsequential falls. I lost 1.5 health bars dropping from the roof of a ground-level hut. What the fuck is that? I lose less health from getting shot!
10. The inventory system is a facade. It seems cool that you can upgrade for more slots, but there are really only three things - animal pelts, plants and junk to sell. I'd rather they just left out the junk and make the pick-ups all money-based and leave the pack slots just for animal skins and plants. Or, y'know, come up with useable items worth carting around...
11. About mid-way through the Northern island, money became pointless. I ended up buying guns just to keep my wallet from maxing out. I don't think the monetary system in this game was well-thought-out in the slightest.
12. And the "treasure chests" (the little diamonds all over the map) are rarely ever worth going after. They usually contain cheap junk and small amounts of money no matter how difficult the chest was to get to. And now I get thrown so much cash, they're kind of a nuisance unless they're at my feet at a place I was coming to for something else entirely.
13. Poker is dreadful. In fact, it makes the poker in Red Dead seem sophisticated. I think the best thing about it is that it remembers to burn a card before the flop, turn and river cards are played.
14. Way, way, WAY too many split pots. I went through one game where someone at the table and I had the exact same hand 3 times! What kind of algorithm shuffles these cards anyway? Well, if the animation is any indication, Brody just flips three "chunks" of cards together and starts dealing - it looks terrible. So glad I got the cheevo for this so I never have to play it again.
15. Oh, and putting a different colored shirt and a hat on the two other guys at the poker table doesn't distract me from the fact that ALL 3 have the same face. It's also kind of annoying that the same 3 guys hang out at every poker location and one of them always seems to be an aggressive pre-flop raiser.

Well, I'm only at about the half-way mark, so there might be more, but that's what I've got so far...
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