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Mission 13 - Fight Night

Mastery - Fight Night: Complete all challenges.

Chameleon: Wear all disguises (Factory Guard, The Patriot, Patriot's Entourage).

Evidence Collector: Collect all evidence.

Evidence 1: This is in the Patriot's Hanger on a crate. You must sneak all the way around the edge of the area. When you start the mission, sneak to the left quickly and continue ahead. Climb up a ledge and over. Then keep following the wall until you get to the evidence.

Evidence 2:
In the arena, go up the stairs on the right. There is a VIP box you can go into. There is a video tape near a TV behind the men.

Do not get spotted.

Suit Only: Do not wear any disguises.

Lost and Found: You must find the keycard in the Patriot's Hanger. This is located behind the Patriot's RV on the ground by some crates.

The Real Patriot:
In the very first area of the mission, sneak left and continue around. You must get behind the RV. Once you do so, sabotage the generator and hide. A member of the Patriot's entourage will come to check it out. Subdue him and take the disguise, then hide the body. Now go around the RV and grab the radio. You should also see a teddy bear on a chair. Grab it and hide behind the containers. Eventually the Patriot will notice his good luck charm is missing and will send his men to find it. After they are far enough away, drop the radio and play it. When the Patriot comes to investigate, take him out and use his disguise. Now just hide his body.

Blood Sport:
You automatically get this when you walk into the ring, dressed as the Patriot.

Disguise yourself as the Patriot and take out Sanchez in the ring without being hit. The match basically consists of pressing then mashing the followed by . You do this twice. You press one more time to watch a scene. Now, repeat the B/X/Y prompts one last time. You also gain an achievement for beating him.

Light Rig:
In the arena, above the match going on is a light rig. Go up the stairs on either side of the two bars. There is a door requiring a keycard and more stairs. Youu will find the light rig switch up the stairs. Activating the switch makes the light rig crash down on Sanchez. You must do this unseen to get credit. It's easy to do this using the Patriot's disguise, but going through the keycard door in instead of the one leading to the ring. When you get to the point of trespassing, there is a wrench to throw to get one of the guards to head down the steps where you can safely subdue. Use the wrench again for the second guard. You can now pull the switch and make the rig fall on Sanchez.

Wing Man:
It's easiest to be in the entourage disguise for this. Grab the keycard in the hanger and use the generator behind the RV to get one of the men to come check it out. Subdue him and take his disguise. Now go enter the arena. Head up the stairs and you should find some locked gates. Go through and take out the guard on the couch and grab the sniper rifle. Now head back along the railings to find a door with that also requires the keycard. Through that door is a window which you can snipe from. Snipe Sanchez in the head after the Patriot punches him. Might have to wait for just the right moment.

My Enemy:
First you must grab the explosives in the Patriot's Hanger. They are on the ground near the first evidence. This is near the right back corner when you enter the mission (facing the RV). Once you have gotten them, get inside the arena. Go near the open gate and just toss in the explosives quickly. Then just detonate to kill Sanchez. You can get Silent Assassin with this method.

Alternate Method: There is also C4 explosives you can use inside of the arena. The left side has a door behind the bar. Go inside and up. You will find a gate to your left with weapons including the C4. You can use them instead.

Technical Knock Out:
Complete the following challenges - Untouchable, Light Rig, Wing Man, and My Enemy.

How the Mighty Fall:
Complete the mission.Specifically, you gain this after defeating Sanchez.

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