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Originally Posted by Wing Gundam Zero View Post
Budokai 3 Dragon Arena 30
You unlocked Dragon Arena mode in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

The Dragon Arena is an 'arena' in which you can fight enemies which get progressively stronger.
It automatically unlocks after completing Dragon Universe with all 11 characters.
Certain characters will also "break in", meaning that instead of the opponent you chose, you'll have to fight them. You get a nice reward if you beat them. Below you'll find some information about the people who break in and what their requirements are.(Ones in red are needed for an achievement)

-Level 15 VS Level 32 -> Nappa = Saibaman
Your character needs to be lvl 10-20 and you must fight opponents twice your level.

-Level 22 VS Level 52 -> Cell = World Tournament Cell Games
Fight opponents twice your lvl

-Level 30 VS Level 60 -> Dabura = WE GOTTA POWER!!
-Level 33 VS Level 63 -> Majin Buu = Sparking!!!!
-Level 35 VS Level 40 -> Krillin = WE GOTTA POWER!
-Level 36 VS Level 43 -> Dr. Gero = Sparking!!

Level 39 VS Level 69 -> Kid Buu-He comes instead of Piccolo sometimes.

-Level 39 VS Level 69 -> Piccolo = Cell Jr.
-Level 41 VS Level 71 -> Cooler = Sparking!!!!!

Level 42 GOKU VS Level 49 PICCOLO -> Frieza = Sparking!!!

-Level 51 VS Level 81 -> Goten = WE GOTTA POWER!!!
-Level 59 VS Level 89 -> Omega Shenron = Sparking!!!!!!
-Level 62 VS Level 92 -> Saibaman = WE GOTTA POWER!!!!
-Level 67 VS Level 97 -> Goku = Sparking!!!!!!!

Any level vs any level -> Yamcha = Sparking!

Sparking: Grants you more money upon completing the World Tournament.
WE GOTTA POWER: Gain more experience upon defeating an enemy.
Please add that you need finish all other 3 world tournaments to unlock cell. I tried around 1 hour without success. After finish the tournaments, cell appears on 3rd try.

Thanks for the guide.
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