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Originally Posted by OverkillChaos View Post
I wouldn't even bother $13.00 is a little much considering we already pay out the ass for xbox live I completely agree. You go buy the game that's 64 bucks brand new. Then xbox for a year which is almost 70 nowadays. Now on top of that 13 a month? Total investment = 143 with an additional 13 per month after that. So lets say your going for all 1000-1250 This game is going to turn into the price of a console. Complete bullshit if you ask me.
Can you read? If you read an earlier post, you would know that you do not have to have Xbox Live Gold in order to play this game. You can have the FREE Xbox Live Silver. Any good MMO will have a monthly charge. This game has been out since 2003-2004 so everyone should know by now that you have to pay a monthly fee. By the way, nobody should be getting this game to get achievement points because it will take you years to get all of them. It is an MMO people.

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