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Pest Control
Kill ten stingers in five seconds.

Stingers are those flying animals that look like bees. They swarm in group and from time to time you’ll be forced to face multiple swarms. Fireball is your friend here because is the easiest way to kill them: wait until they gather together and wipe them out with a single fireball. There are two locations to get this achievement pretty easily: the first one is Honeyholm farm because of the large numbers of hives you’ll find here and the second one is Miremoor coliseum (the arcade chapter): just after the initial hobbes you’ll be attacked by two swarms of stingers that you can destroy simply throwing two fireballs at them.

Hobbe Juggler
Fling a hobbe into the air twice without letting it touch the ground.

This one might be tricky if you are not much familiar with the kinect. But in general this is what you have to do:
· Hit the hobbe with the “push” spell.
· Quickly lift up your arm throwing the hobbe as high as you can;
· While the hobbe is descending from his jump, engage him with the push spell once again and pull it up once more before he touches the ground.

Kill a hobbe bomber by bouncing his own bomb back at him.

Hobbes throw all kinds of things. Just use the counter spell against an enemy that throws a bomb at you and voila, achievement unlocked.

The Whites of Their Eyes
Kill a charging balverine at the last possible moment.

Very easy achievement, you’ll probably get it without even trying. During a balverine fight, target one of them long enough to reduce it in an almost-death state. Wait until it will run towards you to attack you and hit him with a spell just a second before he touches you. He will drop dead and the achievement will pop up.

Return of the Black Knight
Use Drag to completely dismantle a hollow man.

Best location for this is Bladebarrow since almost every enemy you’ll encounter is a hollow man. Once you meet a hollow man hit it with a drag spell and pull left to destroy his right arm, drag again and pull to the right, this will dismantle its left hand. Drag for the third time and move your hand up, this will deprive the hollow man of the head. The achievement will unlock straight away.

Defeat a troll without letting it hit you.

A troll has two kinds of attacks: he can either throw rocks at you or he can cast an earthquake in your direction. Promptly dodge or cast the spell “counter” every time a rock is thrown against you and dodge the earthquakes. The attacks are pretty quick but shouldn’t be a problem for an average player. If you finish the fight with your life bar untouched you’ll get the achievement. You can get this achievement during the story mode against any troll. If for some reasons you miss it, just replay the arcade level “Thorndeep troll”.

Flame-grilled wings, anyone?

In simple words, burn a chicken alive with a fireball. There are three possible locations to get this during the story mode. The first one is in Scratchvein. While on your way to open the gate you’ll eventually fell on the bottom of a pit covered with wooden axis. After that you’ll encounter a clan of hobbes trying to grill a chicken, minding their own business. Before killing them merciless, ruin also their dinner throwing a fireball on their barbecue, burning the chicken on the grill. The second location is in Honeyholms. While fighting the first group of stinger, notice that there is a chicken on your left. Try to hit it with a fireball. The third location is the easiest. After you cross the bridge destroying the gatekeeper’s bar, a group of chicken will close you the way. Fireball them and the achievement will pop up. If for some reasons you miss these occasions you can repeat the arcade level “scratchvein hobbes” and try to hit the chicken on the grill.

Great Balls of Fire
Kill three non-flying enemies with a single Fireball spell.

The best location to get this is the temple with the clock puzzles. Many Rockmites swarm in this area and they show up in groups of 3 or 4 elements. Just cast fireball on an entire group and you’ll get it eventually. Of course the more you upgrade the fireball spell, the easier will be.

Shardly a Problem
Kill three enemies with a single Shard spell.

The third stone allows you to cast shards and, as any other spell, shard can be manipulated. This is better done on stingers since they are very weak. Just cast “shard” in the air and then use aftertouch to hit multiple enemies. You should get it in no time.

Five Billion Candle Power
Burn the Corruption from three creatures with a single Light spell.

When you’ll get the faculty to use the “light” spell, use your tokens to upgrade the push spell till level 2 at least and use it to burn the corruption out of groups of enemies. I personally got this from my cart traveling through Echo Hills; on the way, a lot of flying minions will attack you in group of 3. Wait until they gather together and then burn them with light.
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