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Mind Your Manas
Use four different spell types to kill a single creature.

You should get this naturally during the story without even trying, but here are the specifics: is better done on a powerful enemy like a corrupted knight for example. You’ll find some close to the end of the game. A corrupted knights carries a shield with him. Hit him with “light”, and then use “drag” to take away his shield and then cast a “bolt”, a “fireball” and finish him with a “shard”. There are other ways to get this even before learning “light” as long as you have the possibility to cast 4 spells on one enemy.

Kill a creature by throwing it into lava.

Simply drag an enemy inside a pool of lava. I found particularly easy to do this in Deepgorge. On your first arrival you’ll be ambushed by few hobbes. Many of them will come from the bridge in front of you and one of them is on the top of a high structure just above the lava cauldron. Use the drag spell to push one of them into the pool of lava beneath.

Kill ten creatures with explosive barrels.

From time to time you’ll have to fight hobbes close to explosive barrels. Instead of hitting the hobbe, aim at the nearby barrel and enjoy those little rascals exploding in the air. The best location for this is when you cross Deepgorge on the 4th chapter but is also possible in many other early locations, like the Thorndeep mine for example. Kill 10 enemies in this way and you’ll get the achievement.

Kill 500 enemies.

See “Epic flail”

Epic Flail
Kill 1,000 enemies.

Simple as that: pile up a total of 1000 kills. Also the kills you get in arcade mode count, although you should be able to get this in one single playthrough in story mode. From time to time a counter will appear to inform about your current status.

Kill three enemies with thrown objects.

During your playthrough you’ll find a lot of items that can be dragged against an enemy, like boxes, crates, stones and explosive barrels. Just work an enemy in a nearly death status and finally hit him with an object you drag against him. Do this three time. You can also drag an explosive barrel towards a group of enemy and this will result in a multiple kill.

Use Counter or Push to kill 15 enemies with their own attacks.

Hobbes, Stingers and hollow men attack you throwing you many sorts of objects, like bombs, arrows, spears and stings. When they do that, use the spell “counter” to send back the object against them. Hollow men and stingers die on the spot if you reflect their spears. Repeat this 15 times and it’s yours.

Fear of Flying
Kill 20 enemies by launching them into the air and killing them before they land.

This may takes a little practice because you have to coordinate your spell with the left hand with your right hand and also the kinect sensitivity plays a role here. Anyway you have to hit an enemy with the push spell, drag it in the air and kill it before it touches the ground again. There is a sweet spot in which you can get this in no time: on your trip through the rockmites cave you’ll get to an area in which you have to drag down two pillars to prevent the rockmites from spawning. As long as you don't close the holes, the enemies respawn continuously. So just keep the holes open, wait until the mite gets close to you, drag it in the air and kill it while it's still flying. Another way to get this is to drag an enemy out of a ledge. Repeat this 20 times.

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