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Hard Shoulder
Drag a travelling enemy to their death.

During your trip you’ll encounter many hobbes riding bulls. To get the achievement you have to use your drag spell to pull one of them off the road, better if done close to a ravine. The best location seems to be the Moorland, right after you meet Betty. Here the road has a ravine on both sides. Just drag one enemy off the road, down to the gorge.

Kill an enemy by running them over with your cart.

Simply run over an enemy with your cart. This will come naturally during the fleeing sequence In the Rockmites cave since the mites are basically waiting to be run over by your cart in the middle of the road.

Use magic to kill 30 enemies from the comfort of your cart.

Almost half of the combat sequences you’ll encounter in the story mode involve moving enemies that attack you while you are still driving the cart. In these points the game allows you to cast spell without descending. Just Kill 30 of them and you’ll get this.

Pimp My Cart
Hang any Hero Doll from your cart.

There are 12 dolls to collect in the game. The first doll, Theresa, will unlock approximately after you encounter her at the very beginning of chapter 1, the second one, Gabriel, will unlock after you complete the Story mode. The remaining 10 unlock only if you have purchased the spin-off ‘fable heroes” and they will be added automatically to your collectables list. For the achievement you just need one doll, so you’ll unlock it very easily using Theresa’s. As soon as you encounter Theresa, pause the game, go to the collectables section and choose to browse your collectibles. When you’ll get Theresa's doll description, a command will allow you to hang it to the cart. Just do so and the achievement will unlock.

Have some fun while on rails.

Extremely easy. While you are taking a ride on the mine cart in Thorndeep, wave both arms in the sky. If you miss this during the story you can get it playing the “Scratchvein Hobbes” level in arcade mode. Some people seems to have a problem to unlock this and I was one of them. For me the secret was to allign the kinect sensor a little higher, in a way that it can still see your hands when you lift up your arms.

I Used to Be an Adventurer
Remove three arrows from Seren without hurting her.

Check “why the long face?”

Happy Camper
Try out every camp activity.

There are many halts in which you’ll be prompted to stop and relax a little bit. The first one (Thornhatch halt) is just after you escape from Rockmites cave. Here there are the activities you can do.
Calm down Seren (not needed for the achievement)
Heal Seren
Clean up Seren
Open a chest
Pick up an apple and feed Seren with it
Fill the trough with water so your horse can drink.
You can switch among activities just leaning left or right with your body and you can perform them in any order. Once you've done all the activities available in the campsite, your achievement will pop up. If for some reason you miss one of the activities, you’ll find some more camps further in the story where you can repeat the same actions. Also the camp actions are stackable, that means that if for example you do all the activities except one (let’s assume you forgot to give an apple to Seren), in the next camp will be enough to feed her with an apple to unlock the achievement, skipping all the rest.

Why the Long Face?
Heal ten wounds on Seren.

Healing Seren will be one of your major concerns along the journey. Seren can get hurt every time she hits an obstacle in the road, stomp on a landmine or gets hit by an enemy arrow. From time to time you’ll find on your way some safe areas to take care of your horse. Do this periodically to keep your horse healthy and restore her strength. If she is hit by a splinter or an arrow, pull it out gently trying to follow the same inclination to don’t hurt the horse. To heal wounds, just pass your gauntlets over the wounds till they are fully healed.

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