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Long Sustained Attacks
Fully upgrade a spell.

Any spell can be upgraded up to level three. You can upgrade spells at any time: as soon as you have some upgrade tokens, pause the game and enter the upgrade section. Be aware that upgrades are sometimes given randomly and you may be forced to upgrade other features (for example your health, or your horse) before being able to continue upgrading the spell you’ve chosen. So for example to upgrade the spell “bolt” from level 1 till level 2 you may need 5 upgrade tokens because you’ll may be forced to upgrade your horse or your health before the option to upgrade bolt till level 2 will be available. But you’ll be definitely able to get this in one single playthrough.

Purchase five upgrades.

See “hero”.

Chicken Chaser
Purchase ten upgrades.

See “hero”.

Purchase 15 upgrades.

Every time you collect experience spheres during your journey and\or you kill enemies in a stylish way, you earn experience points that eventually turn into a token. Those tokens can be used to upgrade your spells, your health, your mana, or the strength of your horse. Purchase 15 upgrades to unlock this achievement.

For Every Chest, a Consequence
Open 15 chests.

There are more than 15 chests in the game, but only 15 are required to get the achievement. Most of them are not missable and you are automatically prompted to open them but for some of them you have to stop in the glowing circle to find it. When you stop in the glowing circle you’ll have some easy tasks to complete (killing enemies or solving puzzles). Every chest will give you a collectible. For a list of chests and their location check this list.

Test Your Medal
Earn your first Medal in Arcade Mode.

Simple as that, just play one arcade chapter. Whatever medal you’ll get, unlocks this.

Heavy Medal
Earn a Bronze Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.

See “Medal gear solid”.

Pedal to the Medal
Earn a Silver Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.

See “Medal gear solid”.

Medal Gear Solid
Earn a Gold Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.

This cannot be brighter. Earn a gold medal in every arcade mode challenge. The game is not so challenging from this point of view but few tips might help.
Arcade challenges are timed. Less time it takes you to reach the end, better will be your score.
You must be very familiar with the counter spell, since the health you save at the end of the chapter, influence the final score. In other words, try not to be hit.
Try to perform as many stylish kills you can. Generally “Stylish kills” are those kills performed through a combination of skills, (for example, throw an enemy in the air and hit him while he is flying, or drag an enemy into a pool of lava, etc..)
Pile up the kill streak as much as you can. If you are hit by an enemy your kill chain will go back to zero and you’ll lose a very important bonus in terms of score.
Medals are stackable so getting a gold medal in every chapter will grant you the achievement for silver and bronze as well.

No Claims Bonus
Complete The Last Stand in Arcade or Story Mode without taking any damage.

I easily got this in story mode. At the very end of the game, just before entering the Cullis gate you’ll be forced to fight some enemies. This is a large battle and you’ll be attacked by many enemies, but as long as you time your defense and you have all your attacks upgraded you shouldn’t have big problems. Finish this battle with your energy bar full and you’ll unlock this. If you fail in story mode, you can repeat the relative arcade chapter.

Off the Chain
Achieve a kill chain of 40 during Arcade Mode.

This is extremely simple to get in the Rockmite cave (first arcade chapter). You’ll encounter more than 40 enemies and their attack is so slow that you’ll kill all of them without giving them time to hurt you.

If I Only Had a Brain
Destroy all 20 Arcade Mode Scarecrows.

Once you finish the first Playthrough, Arcade mode will be fully playable. Replay every chapter in Arcade mode and hit the “hidden” scarecrow. Hidden is a big word as most of them are not that difficult to spot but if you have any problem, here is a list of where you can find them.
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