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Originally Posted by jackanape View Post
Ok, we didn't get enough people for the DLC stuff last weekend. So I have rearranged for this Saturday at 10am GMT.

We have eight people at the moment, but that includes two people with second consoles, so if one person doesn't turn up we'll be in trouble. Likewise if I get extra people we can leave out the spare accounts and get people in.

You MUST have both the Arctic and Khyber Strike mutiplayer DLC packs. Just message me on Xbox Live to say if you are interested. We will do both of the squad achievements quickly and then just do Sabotage games to get the map specific wins done with. Should take a couple of hours at the absolute most - hopefully it will be far quicker.

Be aware that we are only doing the four DLC MP achievements, nothing else.

GT: jackanape

I'm hopefully going to be free tomorrow morning, so please count me in on this for now - I'll confirm ASAP. GMT player here,miso no problems.

Just downloaded the dlc in anticipation...!

EDIT - probably to going to be free until midday now. If you can wait for me, then great. If not, no worries. I will try to get online earlier though.

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