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Originally Posted by AtomicThumbs View Post
I'm wondering if anyone has been banned for using the language trick to get matched up in Lone Wolves.

The population of Lone Wolves is so low these days that I wonder if the trick is even necessary.
Changing your language won't get you banned, however, Bungie/Xbox Live found a way to stick it to you for boosting by changing the language. As of late, some people are reporting when you gain an achievement in another language, it stays in that language. Say you go out and boost in Chinese; when you switch back to English, all achievements gained under Chinese will still read in Chinese.

It may also be a Chinese glitch, who knows. If you're gonna boost, here's the rule of thumb. In each match, everyone (real people and guests) must get a kill and be killed at least once; moving around helps. Also, whatever game you are in, everyone stays in til the game is complete; for example, in a Lone Wolf game of Slayer - after everyone boosting gets all the achievements they can, play til someone gets 25 kills or the time runs out.
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