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my 4th Playthrough will be my last.

been burnt sooooo many times by it's finicky n ridiculous set-up.

i've missed Blot Alley Superstar 3 times even once having everyone converted though Oswald took it upon himself to electrocute a car to death?

the "One Toons Trash" quest, which might have been helpful to know in the Achievement Guide that you shouldn't actually turn in majority of the quests since you need their pointless little items to sell to Loralee.

everything else i've done, so 4th playthrough I won't be turning in any quests that aren't part of the main 20 side-quests. and if I don't get Blot Alley Superstar I don't really care. I'm not particularly proud of having played this monstrosity at all so 1 missed cheevo is fine.

They need to learn to let players save when they want, like Skyrim, that way you just say
"oops, missed Blot Alley Superstar, i'll just reload this old save, got it, now I can throw this game in the bin."


Well I got Blot Alley Superstar, and sold practically everything imaginable to that mole at the Museum so completed the One Toon's Trash quest. Now i'm just grinding for the 176 Pins and technically the other 'half' of the Spirit Of Wasteland Pin as it says in the Challenge List that I have 19/20 completed, though the Quest list says 20/20 and still no Achievement. So even though it says i've completed the Spirit Of Wasteland quest, according the quest log, i'm assuming it's waiting until i've awakened them all? Let's hope so.

But let it be said, if I awaken every spirit and that All Quests cheevo doesn't pop at the same time there will be emails aplently fueled by the hatred of a thousand burning suns directed daily from different emails to the Epic Mickey 2 people demanding they fix it for wasting our time.

**Update II**

SIGH - got the 176 Pins Achievement and woke up all the statues and got that achievement but still didn't get Perfectionist. And since a patch will never, ever be made to fix their mistake, the game goes into the bin and I'm off to Lego LOTRs.

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