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Absolute Genius or Cheater - 25
Answer 15 questions right in a row (all modes).

All of the achievements mentioned above can be earned in a single game of Classic using a small exploit of sorts.


Basically, for every question, as soon as it pops up and all answers are visible, hold down the back button on your phone. This will pause the game, bringing it to the app switching screen with the question still visible in the shrunken image. While it is in this mode, the game is paused, but you can still read the question. Now load up Google or your favorite search engine and start researching the question. Most can be researched in less than 10 seconds with some well-chosen keywords. When you get the answer, tap on the games shrunken screen. Click "Resume" and input the correct answer. Use this method for every question in the game. This pausing with also stop the timer from running while you research.

  1. When you are first setting up the game, disable both the medium and hard question packs. Make sure to turn Wedges Needed to 6, Wedges Earned On to "All Tiles", no AI opponents, and the Time Limit to 15 seconds. These settings are optimized for what you are about to do.
  2. First just move around the board answering questions of the correct color to fill up your pie. Do this all as quickly as possible as one achievement is related to finishing in less than 10 minutes. Particularly try to roll the die and move your pie around quickly.
  3. Once your pie is full you can move into the middle area of the map (NOT the center piece, which will end the game). Keep answering questions around this area until you get "Absolute Genius or Cheater" for answering 15 questions right in a row.
  4. Then, as quickly as possible, move to the very center and answer the final question to win. It may take a few turns as you need to roll the correct number to land there.
  5. If you didn't miss any questions along the way, and did it in less than 10 minutes, you will have gotten 12 achievements.
You don't know everything - 5
Get a question wrong (Classic).

All you need to do is answer a single question wrong in Classic mode. Quickly start up a game and miss your first question.


The following 2 achievements are obtained by earning Gold Medals in Pursuit mode.

Gold Medal - 10
Earn a Gold Medal (Pursuit Mode).

See "Are You Midas?"

Are You Midas? - 25
Get a Gold Medal on all the levels (Pursuit Mode).

You need to earn a Gold Medal on each of the 25 levels of Pursuit mode. Pursuit mode can be selected by picking Single-Player from the Main Menu. Make sure to disable the medium and hard question packs.

In this mode, you move across the board towards a finishing tile by answering questions. Depending on how quickly you answer the questions, you can move anywhere between 1 and 6 spaces per turn. Gold Medals require you to get from one end of the board to the other within a certain number of turns. Basically, as long as you use the trick mentioned in "Absolute Cheater or Genius" you will have no trouble. Getting Gold Medals is easy as long as you take the shortest path to the end of the level, do not miss any questions and answer them quickly to earn 6 moves. There are power-up tiles (have a star on them) that can help you a little, but do not go out of your way to land on one. They are not worth it. You can answer questions wrong and still get Gold, but not too many. Usually 1 or 2 is fine, but some levels have no margin for error.

ALTERNATIVE NO STRESS METHOD: This method was discovered by AvengedAgainst and involves exiting the level just before completing it. Follow these steps:
  1. Load up Pursuit Mode and select a level. Disable the medium and hard packs.
  2. Play the game normally, answering as quick as you can and getting the questions right or wrong. It doesnt matter. Just keep advancing towards the finish line as your own pace.
  3. Once you land on a single tile from the finish of the level and the next question appears. Press the Back button on your phone and return to the game's menu. Choose select game, then Pursuit, and then Saved Game. You will load back in with your turn counter reset. Simply answer the last question correctly to earn a Gold Medal. Use Google if you need to.
  4. After completing the level with a Gold Medal, continue on to the next level and repeat the process until you finish all 25 levels.
This is the achievement that will take you the longest in the game to earn. You will have to answer over 200 questions, even if you get Gold Medals on your first try of every level, answer perfectly, and never miss a question.


- Guide created and complete.
1/31/13 - Added the color tiles.
3/14/13 - Updated Roadmap. Now available on WP8 (also playable on WP7).
7/6/13 - No longer Nokia exclusive. Roadmap updated.
1/16/14 - Added a less tedious method to unlock "Are You Midas?" based on a method discovered by AvengedAgainst. Updated the Roadmap and a typo.
1/17/14 - Small edit to "Absolute Genius."

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