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Originally Posted by LickableLemons7 View Post
Boo to all the people that are too lazy to tough out their solo legendary run.

Halo 4 is nowhere near as hard as Halo 2 (which I just beat solo legendary on PC a few days back). Halo 2 took me a little over eight years to beat solo legendary, but I did finish it co-op on the original Xbox a long time ago.

343i needs to sort out more of Halo 4's glitches, because now I'm feeling even more butthurt from all these people trying to riddle their way out of a great learning experience.
Like I said in the op, posts like these I don't want in this topic. Some ppl just don't have the skill, patience or time to go through the game like its meant to be.

Originally Posted by Mr Anarchy Duck View Post
Question: if you do this trick/glitch will there be a legendary symbol for the levels in solo campaign under the service record? Or will you just simply get the achievement?
I originally had the 8 missions completed on heroic co-op. while I was playing MM and checked my service record, it had 14 missions completed (I hadnt done the last two missions). So I think it will show that you have completed it on legendary. I'll confirm this tomorrow when I wake up.
Edit: I misunderstood your question. Yes, there is the legendary symbol when selecting the mission. All my missions have been completed solo legendary and heroic co-op. About the service record, I need to check that later.

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