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Originally Posted by TransonicPower View Post
Like I said in the op, posts like these I don't want in this topic. Some ppl just don't have the skill, patience or time to go through the game like its meant to be.

I originally had the 8 missions completed on heroic co-op. while I was playing MM and checked my service record, it had 14 missions completed (I hadnt done the last two missions). So I think it will show that you have completed it on legendary. I'll confirm this tomorrow when I wake up.
Edit: I misunderstood your question. Yes, there is the legendary symbol when selecting the mission. All my missions have been completed solo legendary and heroic co-op. About the service record, I need to check that later.
Thank you that's what I was referring to. Didn't know how to explain what I was trying to say clearly.
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