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Originally Posted by The BiggD View Post
Which is exactly why I'm creating a Legendary Guide to save people the stress of getting stuck in certain fights, save people time by showing them tricks to bypass certain fights, and give them a detailed rundown of each level so they know what to do. I mean, if you're gonna have to exploit a game to get a mere 90 then I feel bad for you.
dont feel bad for him because he wont! fair play to him,hes found a shortcut and deserves credit.if it means less people use your guide then thats life,ive already completed my solo legendary run the hard way but would have used this method if id known,along with perhaps your guide for any trouble spots.this site is all about helping making those achievements pop as quickly and easily as possible and ppl have the option of doing it the hard way,boosting,taking advantage of glitches,whatever! this site caters for ALL! imo contributions like this are vital if theyre available,as the guy said not everyone is blessed with skill or time,so if you wana feel bad for anyone feel bad for 343....not the first mistake theyve made with halo 4 is it

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