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Originally Posted by Jakez123 View Post
Ok, sorry for the late reply.
That's fine, thank you for posting what problems you have had with it.

Firstly Napoleon Dynamite: As far as I remember health does in fact increase slightly after every fight (when you go back to the legion map). Secondly there are items scattered around the legion map which can reduce the AI difficulty which can make it easier.
They do gain a sliver of health, but there are no items in Legion mode. There were bonuses after defeating enemies though that can made enemies nearby weaker as well as other things like increase health, so I will add that into the description.

For You Broke My Heart You state that guard primers regenerate over time, this is true. But let's say we have Tager, and he has 8 guard primers, if he break bursts (green) he will lose 4 guard primers permanently for that round (I.E they do not regenerate to the maximum of 8, but only regenerate to 4. max). Also Gold break bursts do not take away half of your primers.
I must have gotten my bursts mixed up when I wrote that description :/ Will remove that part immediately.

For Fatality you state that it happens when you counter the opponent using certain attacks. This is correct but you do not state what attacks or give an example which can be used to easily grind the achievement. I know you say it'll happen naturally, but for me it didn't and I had to grind the achievement as I didn't have it after I completed Score attack, story, true ending AND Legion. So it's best to put an example which can be used for those that haven't unlocked it "Naturally".
I'm sorry about that. I actually got this shortly after getting the game without even trying and made the mistake of assuming it would unlock naturally for others as well. I will add in an example that can be grinded with shortly.

For The Better Part of Valor the description says: "Do not take damage for 20 seconds while in Negative State, and win the round." yet you say it unlocks after 20 seconds automatically. Pretty sure you have to win the round.
I'm not sure how I even made that mistake. Fixed.

For Loincloth festival Bang's Astral has to be done Mid-air.

Same for They Call Me MISTER Tiddles! Bang's Astral is incorrect.
It's correct other than the fact I did not mention you needed to jump, which I have now added.

For I Can Do This All Night the achievement will become invalid if you just stand still and do nothing, in other words you have to be actively moving for that 1 hour. You haven't stated this.
And fixed.

This is what I've noticed as I briefly read over the guide. I haven't played this game in a long time, but I'm 99% sure everything I have posted is correct. If there is anything wrong tell me.
Again, thank you for posting the errors you found as I have now improved the guide by fixing them. Please let me know if you see anything else that is wrong!
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