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Mission 15 - Skurkey's Law

Easiest way to complete these: The best way to do this is to just go up the stairs to the balcony and wait for the video to play. When the coast is clear, tamper with the computer. Now go to the men's bathroom and wait for the tin foil hat guy. Subdue and take his place in the courtroom so that you go to jail. This way you can play the other challenges on medium difficulty. It is much easier to get into the usher and judge disguises this way.

Mastery - Skurky's Law: Complete all challenges.

Wear all disguises, which are Court Security Guard, Court Usher, Tin Foil Hat Man, Judge, and Hope Police Officer.

Evidence Collector:
Collect all evidence.

Evidence 1:
There is a security room on the bottom floor. On the desk next to a typewriter is a folder.

Evidence 2:
In the Holding Cell area, there is a restricted area that has an "enter" sign above it. In the same room is a computer with a video tape by it. This is just before entering the Prison area by picking the lock.

Evidence 3:
You will have to press a button in the Prison area to open a gate. Enter through the gate and to your right will be a small room with a guard in it and a very bright light. The evidence is on the left.

Do not get spotted.

Suit Only:
Do not put on a disguise.

Turn around when you start in the courthouse, go through the door, and go up the stairs. There is a library with an Usher disguise but you have to be extremely careful to get it. Though it isn't absolutely needed, it can help. Go to the balcony above where the man in a tin foil hat is on trial. Tamper with the video on the computer to the left to get the challenge.

No Collateral Damage:
Do not kill nor subdue anyone in the courthouse.

Take the Fall:
Head up to the computer on the balcony above the courtroom. When the video plays and the guard walks away, tamper with it. Now go back downstairs and find the bathroom. Hide in there and when the man with the tin foil hat comes in, subdue him and disguise yourself. Now follow the cop back to the courtroom and get sentenced to jail.

Take Office:
You must get the judge's disguise for this. To do this, you must tamper with the video feed on the balcony to get him to his office. You should probably also have a disguise such as the usher. Go to his office and subdue him. Now go back out and dismiss the charges at the judge's desk in the courtroom.

One Man Riot:
You must kill 10 guards with the glass shank (in the prison area). You first must get the shank in the courthouse. The shank is in the evidence room. When you start in the courthouse, just look to the door on the right near the usher. Head inside and grab the shank. You do not have to kill all 10 in one go.

So Close and yet so Far:
Complete the mission.

Judgement Day - Part 1:

Judgement Day - Part 2:

Judgement Day - Part 3:
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