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Calling the 360/PS3 version of NG3 a beta test is being charitable. The Wii U version of NG3 Razor's Edge actually looks quite good, but I'm not buying a Wii U just for that, that's ridiculous.

If they put out a NG3 Sigma version for the 360 that looks like Razor's Edge, with a GOOD fighting system, Ayane, an upgrade system, multiple weapons, delimbing, OTs and UTs, and ditches the stupid QTEs (or at least has WAY less of them), I'd get that. If it doesn't hit my complete checklist that's OK but that's the kind of upgrade it would take.

I'm not going to keep myself from enjoying a NG3 on the 360 just out of spite about the original release. But I will definitely be more cautious about any future NG series release, and wait for it to be released to see how it plays first before getting it. They missed badly with the original NG3 release. I had some doubts which is why I didn't pre-order the Collector's edition, but it wasn't even worth getting the normal one. Halfway through the game, I turned on Hero mode not because it was difficult but because I just wanted to finish with it as fast as possible and never look at it again.
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