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Money Money Money - 20
Have an investment pay off 5 times in a single game.

First, you will need to invest money on the wheel. This is done by tapping the bottom of the screen when it is your turn on the area that says "Tap or spin to play." Once the menu pops up, tap "Invest." This will allow you to spend $10,000 to purchase the rights to a number on the wheel. Anytime another player spins and lands on the number you purchased, you will get $5,000. You need other players to land on your number 5 times total throughout the game.

This achievement is most easily attempted in 4-player multiplayer. Just purchase one number with each player. With four people, you are almost certain to get this achievement rather quickly. Just keep spinning until the same invested number pays out 5 times.

In it to win it - 25
Win $500,000 on Spin to Win.

This is the most luck based achievement in the game. As you play the game, there are some spaces (that are yellow and blank) that if you land on, you are able to play Spin to Win. Basically it lets you choose one number, bet some money, then spin the wheel to see if it lands on it. To unlock this achievement, you need to make sure you place the max bet ($50,000) and then land on your number. There are several Share the Wealth cards that can increase your odds of getting this achievement. They allow you to either pick 2 or 4 total numbers on the wheel at once, instead of the usual 1 number, greatly increasing your odds of winning.

Just play the game and spin as normal. If you want to bother, you can keep restarting games until your players get the cards that increase your chance of winning. Also, make sure you take the "Risky" path near the end of the game. While grinding to ten victories in 2-player games, you will likely get 1-2 chances each game on Spin to Win.

On Patrol - 25
Be a Police Officer and bust another player for speeding.

This is another luck based achievement. To become a Police Officer, you first need to choose not to go to college and just hope you pick this career. While you are a Police Officer, you can get $5,000 from any player that spins a 10 on the wheel, as they are speeding. This will come without really trying.

If you are having trouble, start a 4-player game and choose not to go to college with all the players. One of them should get Police Officer. If not, keep restarting until one does. Then just keep taking turns with all the players. It should not take long before one of your players spins a 10.


The following 2 achievements are related to winning Games of Life and can be obtained in single player or pass-and-play multiplayer.

Living the Life - 5
Win 1 game of original.

See "Lifetime Achievement."

Lifetime Achievement - 50
Win 10 games of original.

Original is the only game type you can play. It is just the basic Game of Life. Along the way to completing all the miscellaneous achievements, you should earn at least three wins, if not more. The quickest and most painless way to grind wins is to play 2-player multiplayer (with you controlling both players). It does not matter which player wins, as long as you finish the game you will get a win added to your total. You do not even need to pay attention while grinding the wins. Just keep spinning the wheel and selecting random options for both players. Each game will take around 30 minutes if you are constantly spinning the wheel. I found this achievement best to boost while watching TV or something similar. In order to actually pop the achievement, after your 10th win, you may need to start up a single-player game and take a turn or two. Thanks to JieXY for posting this last bit of info.

Make sure if you are playing pass-and-play multiplayer while working towards the miscellaneous achievements, that you finish the game if you are more than half way through to get credit for the victory.

NOTE: It would be a tad faster to play against the CPU since you can fast forward through their turns, but the game is still mostly luck-based and you may or may not win every game. If you lose to the CPU it will not count as a win. You could also use the "Home Button" trick to try to ensure victory, but this is likely more hassle than it is worth. Just stick to 2-player multiplayer and there is no effort involved.


12/16/12 - Guide created.
12/17/12 - Guide complete.
12/19/12 - Added a link to the WPCentral review of the game to the Roadmap.
1/25/13 - Changed the description for the "Dont Blame Me" achievement in the Guide based on a tip from IEvil IMonkey. This particular achievement can only be unlocked in single player.
7/6/13 - No longer Nokia exclusive. Roadmap updated.
7/7/13 - Added to the "Family Values" based on a tip from Evil Monkey. The achievement also has a hidden requirement in addition to that mentioned in the description.
1/16/14 - Added one last bit of info to the "Lifetime Achievement" achievement based on information posted by JieXY on TA.

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