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Just a quick update from me.

I finished the game on old school, got the achievement as soon as the final game ending cinematic played with Rodrigo stumbling from the planes wreckage.

I dashboarded the game and I went back in and after 'lowering' the difficulty and it did not work for me. I enjoyed my second run through but I am not playing the game again for a measly 20g on Hardcore? IMHO, Rock* should have have made all difficulty achievements stackable. Because this is nonsensical what they have done. I still have my game save right before you have to shoot down Rodrigo's plane but ... no clue why it did not pop for me?

So that's my two cents? Also from what I gather the game save is tied to dlc and all the updates that you download over a period of time. So I don't how understand how playing the game offline with all patches and dlc deleted ( a clean slate ) will allow you to boot up an old game save? As It gave me an error when I tried to simply delete the updates and patches and left everything else. I am yet to try the 'clean-slate' approach.

I love the MP too much lol top try this!

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