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Originally Posted by sga962 View Post
so including people who've contacted me over live we currently have four people to get for squad commander/full boat.
put a list down below, feel free to add yourself to it and when we have enough people we can sort out when we're gonna do it

1. sga962
2. Drazer76
3. Ben Scissorhand
4. Big Red 4826
5. xxXI Dave IXxx
6. DieHard Tactics
7. Bytyqi
8. xThe Lone Moose
9. Skaos3010
10. TalkingJROD
11. croaker111
12. tphi11
13. Myt0x
14. brettcatington
16. R3D D3VIL 84
OK so that's the list as ive got it, if everyone's still alright. I'm going to add everyone that I haven't already and can sort out a time

apologies for the quietness but rl got in the way

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