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If you want an easy class to pick up and dominate, Mozgog is your man. He is incredibly dangerous, has a nice berserk skill that puts down even the toughest Guardians with a few swings, a taunt skill that calls them toward you if they get out of range, with a bit of practise you'll dominate every game no problem. This is without relics; just imagine with relics, oh man.

EDIT - Forgot to mention who I use, so here it is. I go with Sauron, a nice range of skills but the big one is his Y, Lidless Eye. I just watch the enemy health bars, as soon as one goes to a quarter left, boom, Lidless Eye other side of the map you got yourself a kill or assist. I normally play support characters in multiplayer games but Sauron is just an all out badass.
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