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Ok, so i've downloaded the game, and so far it seems to be Happy Action Theater 1.5. I'm not sure if game "sees" that i've purchased the original HAT, but it's integrated all the old mini-games into this game, while adding the occasional picture taking gimmick so i can share them to facebook. One thing i've noticed is, when it changes channels, there's cute little mini-mini-games, basically interactive loading pages, like you're a bowling pin and a giant bowling ball tries to knock you down or a big dragon is holding you and licks you.

Here's the kicker, to get the achievements in this one, you need to download the new games, which, when prompted aren't available yet. I go to download them and probably pay for them when they are finally available and THEN you can unlock achievements, but until they let us actually buy the new mini-games, we're pretty much stuck with an updated version of HAT, which is pretty neat.

Unless you have little kids who liked the original game or you're just an achievement hunter, you can probably pass on this one. My 3 year likes it and it can keep him outta my hair for a little while, but not really something i'd buy if i didn't have him.
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