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Achievement Guide

Kinect Party
Difficulty: 1/10
Time to 400: 1 to 2 hours depending on situations
Requirements: Facebook membership

Six Pack 20
You've got a big living room!

Have 6 players on the screen, simply ask your friends to do this. Some other ideas include using pillows, vacuums with a coat on it, to trick the kinect into thinking its another person.
(more info coming soon)

Let Me Pick 20
You picked a channel to watch!

Choose any of the channels on the menu and select it.

Social Butterfly 20
You shared a photo!

Self explanatory - Though, you are required to have a facebook membership

I'm Your Huckleberry 20
You shared the wanted poster with gold blocks!

In the dark room there are frames and filters. The wanted poster is under frames while the gold blocks are under fliters. Combine them both and share it. - Though, you are required to have a facebook membership

One Hour Photo 20
You used the darkroom!

Self explanatory

Channel Surfer 20
You played through every channel!

You don't have to watch the entire channel, you can simply skip them using

Shutterbug 20
You filled up the camera roll!

Pressing will take a snapshot. Continue doing this until it unlocks.

We Were So Young 20
You watched a photo recap!

A photo recap is in between channels where you see the previous snapshots you have taken.

Fowl Ball 20
You watched Fowl Ball!

Originally Posted by Jmocox
Fowl ball achievement is random. Sometimes between channels you'll have a scene where you are the front bowling pin. Most of the time a bowling ball will hit you. You are looking for the turkey(I think thats what it was) to roll into you and the pins. Achievement will unlock at that point.
User Reel Big Mike says that skipping the channels on auto play until you get to this scene will help.

Enter Your Initials 20
You defeated every enemy in Hyperspace!

The channel with the guy holding a pink laser cube. Simply eliminate all enemies (although I have missed a few, I still unlocked this)

Way of the Fist 20
You broke every object in the bonus round!

The channel with the guy holding the wooden box that has animated "Slap" "pow" on it. Once you get to the point of destroying the blue car, a bonus round will appear. Simply flail your arms like crazy and destroy everything.

Dragon's Breath 20
You breathed fire!

Originally Posted by Dr Jaynare
Dragon's Breath is on two channel the guy holding the paintbrush and paints or the guy holding the castle. The channel with the guy holding the paintbrush, just get a dragon head and it will breathe fire.The channel with the guy holding a castle, build your castle than when you destroy it with as a dragon it will breathe fire.
Originally Posted by JenniBee
You can also get the Dragon's breath by choosing the channel with the pirate head and hitting the dragon head cloud that comes up. When your head becomes a dragon, just shout and fire will come out of the dragon's mouth.

I'm a Little Teacup 20
You created the teacup constellation!

The channel with the guy holding a telescope. Simply do the teacup position like this

Special Order! 20
You prepared extra awful popcorn for the scoop!

The channel with the guy holding popcorn. Cannot be missed. Keep flailing your arms.

Abracadabra 20
You cast fairy magic!

The channel with the guy holding wand. Keep moving until you see a wand floating in the air. Grab it and flick it.

You found a treasure chest filled with gold!

Originally Posted by Dr Jaynare
ARRRRRRR! achievement is on the channel with the guy holding the stick with a parrot on it.
Just keep trying and eventually the water/wind will stop rising in time to get the treasure chest.
What Are The Odds? 20
You got struck by lightning twice!

The channel with the guy holding an umbrella. Simply stand there until you see a flicker of electricity in the air, move to that area and get struck. Do this twice.

It's ALIVE!!! 20
You powered up the Tesla Device while shooting lightning!

The channel with the guy holding a machine with tesla coils. I am not exactly sure how I got this. I flailed my arms like an insane person, and somehow it powered up.

Originally Posted by MangledRex
For the It's ALIVE!!! achievement if you look on the ground at your legs you will see little things that look like the achievement pic(can be a little hard to see)
Outfoxed 20
You caught the desert fox!

Originally Posted by Dr Jaynare
Outfoxed achievement is on the channel with the guy holding a piece of land with a cactus on it and blue blocks passing.
Run over the fox on this channel to get the achievement.
Also: Make sure your background has open space (no couches, chairs objects) so that you can fully register the kinect so you can touch the ground.

Crowd Funding 20
You got at least 2 players to throw money!

The channel with the guy holding the pirate head with shutter shades. In the dream sequence, wait for a bubble with money in it, and the other person has to wait for another bubble with money inside.

This achievement can be tedious because the money bubble does not come up often.

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