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Freezing after intro POSSIBLE FIX

After hours of trying to get my game to start and begin enjoying RAGE again because of the game freezing after starting a new game at the end of the intro sequence, I believe I may have found a possible fix.

What I believe is happening is the game fails to 'initialize' the DLC somehow. Reason being is what I just tried and what just worked, and what finally allowed me to begin a new game on ultra nightmare.

Once again, just a POSSIBLE fix, it just so happened that this worked for me and it may actually be completely unrelated but felt I should post anyway.

Basically, what I did was restart my Xbox. Once I was restarted, I DID NOT sign in to Xbox Live. I already had the 18 MB update from before. Then after restarting, I launched the game from disc one (both disc one and two installed to HDD).

I pressed start and at that point had to sign in. I did, then when loading into the main menu, the game gave me a pop-up screen which said that the DLC would now be initialized. This had not shown up before. Once it was done, I was thrilled.

Began a new game on ultra nightmare, allowed the beginning intro to play, then voila! Enter first area inside the Ark chamber! PLAYABLE!

Do note if you quit the game for the night or whatever, you will have to repeat the above procedure again for you to load your last save, otherwise you will get another black screen wingstick loading screen freeze.

Hopefully this works and I didn't just happen to get lucky. To those affected, let me ask, did it ever show you that the DLC would be initialized? It never did for me until I launched the game without being signed in to XBL.
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