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Sorry for the long post to follow but this might help some people.

Fowl ball achievement is random. Sometimes between channels you'll have a scene where you are the front bowling pin. Most of the time a bowling ball will hit you. You are looking for the turkey(I think thats what it was) to roll into you and the pins. Achievement will unlock at that point.

Six pack you're best bet is to have 6 people if possible but if you feel creative you can get it by yourself or with less than 6 people. My wife helped so I only had 2 people. What I did was load up the channel where you turn into a block of ice if you stay still for too long. I pressed to pause the Auto play.

Next, I grabbed our vacuum. I placed a coat on it. The kinect immediately picked it up and it became a block of ice. This is key. Seeing it turn into a block of ice means the kinect thinks its a person. We also had a large monkey balloon(lol) that I brought into the room. The kinect picked it right up. We also grabbed 2 chairs and placed blankets on them. The trick is getting behind the chairs and hopefully the kinect will track you as another person. Lastly, my wife and I stepped in front of the kinect and six pack unlocked.

The things we'll do for achievements! My wife thinks I'm nuts.

edit: I should of stated I own Happy Action Theater so I have the snow channel. I'm sure it will work on other channels.

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