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Originally Posted by Lord of Fate View Post
Does anyone know if this boosting method still works as of December 2012? Capture the Relay is in Onslaught mode now but no one plays it, so it should be simple to get a game going. But does the relay trick still work?
a quick google search can tell you all you need to know. the capture the relay glitch only works when capture the relay appears in its own playlist (not onslaught). its a server side glitch and it rarely happens, you will know when it is if you see capture the relay under the team instant action, instant action and crash site playlists and it happens for a few hours a most - so unless you sit in the game 24/7 and have atleast 5 other people on standby its useless, just stick with 24 kills instant action on wall street if you want your achievements anytime soon...

edit: its not really a glitch its a mess up with the original playlists (which is why there has to be a server screwup for it to revert back to the original playlists until it auto corrects itself). the combined playlist was changed to give no points for a ctr flag return and put into a playlist with extraction and assault.

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