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Originally Posted by Maka View Post
Anyone "Find the legendary Golden Wheel of Sir Daniel of Stockport."?
It's on Sky City.

Edit: Also, there's no time limit for this. Your tire will stay lit as long as you don't fault.

You have to go over the first obstacle with the barrle of TNT under it. Then on the first ramp you see you have to roll down to touch the TNT that was under the very first ramp. If done right your tire will have sparks on it. You have to light fuses throughout the track. You have to light the fuses without faulting.
They're at:

Right after first checkpoint. Can't be missed.
After the fourth checkpoint. Can be missed. You have to lower yourself down onto the ramp before the trampoline and reverse or you'll miss it.
At the seventh checkpoint on top of the ramp. Can be missed. What I did when I got here was did a wheelie up the ramp so I'd hit it with my back tire and then reversed down to jump to the next part. Probably an easier way but that's how I did it.
After the eighth checkpoint, you'll hit the trampoline and jump to a ramp. Can be missed. Slow down here because it's just on the other side of the ramp by the barrels. Have to reverse to get it.
At the 15th checkpoint. Can be missed. Once you get here you have to reverse on to the ramp leading to the 15th checkpoint.
After the 17th checkpoint. Can be missed. Once you pass the 17th checkpoint slow down because you're going to need to drop down onto a platform. This isn't that hard. You just need to jump towards the 18th checkpoint but don't go down. Roll down off the slope and land on the platform. Then jump to the fuse. Once the last fuse is unlocked the wheel will appear and the achievement will unlock. Just sit there once the wheel appears. It takes a second to unlock.

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