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Got back on this... need help

Hi, i bough this a while ago, i think it was last year around chrismas, played a bit, but left it out for a long time. Now i would like to eventually finish it up(at least the story once) and i find it extremely hard... but im sure its because i totally forgot how it play... I was on stage 3 or 4, can't remember, well i beated a girl and her robot, but the boss totally kicked my ass... i was doing minimal damage to him, while he hit me VERY hard.

I figured out you can block after a while, but since there is money , of course there are shops to buy stuff, but i didn't found them... i would like to know where they are and pretty much any tip on how to really play this game.

EDIT : WOW this game is hard... i play on average joe and yet can't beat the boss of stage 3... i found out where was the shop, but it seem i can store very minimal health to use later and yet i don't know how to use it... I bough some stuff that said it upped my defense and such but still it was not enough... i watch a video on youtube, the guy actually blow the walls when he runs after you by a one shot... me i can't destroy much of them before he get to me... And once in the battle he did a 75 damage... !!! almost killed me one life entirely.

So is that one of those damn "replay the levels a million time to lev up" kinda game? I find it weird that i can't pass a damn stage on the lowest difficulty...

Gears of War Legend

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