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Originally Posted by Baihu1983 View Post
So ways to cheat the 6 people achievement?
I haven't tried for the achievement in this one yet, but in Double Fine Happy Action Theater, I got the six pack achievement by getting behind a chair. You can lower yourself behind it and the sensor will still track the chair. Then you can sneak away. After that you can get Kinect to detect you by waving your hands, and then do it again.

You have to be slow and careful not to let the sensor see you moving out from behind the chair or else it will track you and not the chair. What I did is use a big black computer chair, and chairs with coats or towels on them so that it didn't see you behind the chair. Move backwards away from the sensor while crouching, and then when you are far enough away (out of the sensor's range) you can stand up and when you come back the sensor should track both you and the chair. Then just repeat until you have 6 objects (including yourself) tracked.
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