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Skill leveling for the Layman

By Layman... I mean me. I've been looking at a number of guides for skill leveling, and it appears to me that the way to go about it is to level everything equally to below the training threshold.

So every skill should be self-capped at 2 until both trainers have been used from the 0-3 range, does that sound right to people?

That's assuming that by 0-3 it still counts if your skill is at 3. In other words, don't level ANYTHING past 2 until you find both 0-3 trainers and use them.

The 4-6 and 7-9 range... same deal. Just don't level the skill past that range until using the trainers.

Now the skill book appears to not make a big difference as long as you don't use it on the last point of the trainer range (other than saving money by using it at higher skill levels).

With 40 points for leveling, 36 points from trainers, and 9 from skill books, you end up with 85 plus 4 for race. With DLC you get another one trainer point in Mercantile and Alchemy (7-9 range).

91 points seems like you can max out all your skills, but only with the extra 2 from Dead Kel.

Is this information correct or did I miss something? Like I said I did look at other guides but I'm a bit OCD about leveling efficiency and want to make sure I get it right.
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