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I've updated it with as many events as I know for sure were confirmed to be true event updates and not just playlist changes. In other words, I haven't seen anyone confirm that Boom Snipes was a different event I.D. than the previous one, but someone HAS confirmed that the new one "This is My Rifle" is a different event than the one that started on Dec 17th because he got credit toward War Supporter today and hasn't gotten any credit toward it the past few days. He finally popped his Socialite so I'm glad for him.

I'm probably going to stop updating the OP here after the holidays. From the looks of it the last few people that were stuck as part of the original group where they were only missing an event or two are probably going to be S.O.L. soon unless Petenub changes it again to just put you at 30/30 automatically instead of 29/30. The folks stuck at 29/30 that can't get credit for any of these brief events that have beeing going up the past week or two.... I feel for you guys I really do, but your numbers are diminishing rapidly and at this point 99% of the players will be "new" players that will just get it their very first match so there won't be much need for this thread moving forward.
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