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Originally Posted by Lavindathar View Post
I picked the staying with Citra ending.

The reason? It is the most realistic from Jasons perspective, in my eyes. Obviously earlier posters disagree.

You say all missions are about saving your friends. Your wrong. About 33% through, citra asks...what do you want. Jason replies, to save my friends. Your lying, citrq says. What do you want. To kill vaas and Hoyt.

Jason changes throughout the game, from a wimp wanting to save his friends and escape, to someone who has lost his mind and is consumed by hatred and revenge. The game is about the road to insanity, not redemption.

just the way I saw it. I believe Jason would of done anything to stay with citra and the island. Not because he loves either neccsarily, but because the island has consumed him.

Even if it meant sacrificing his friends.

The good ending would of made sense, if you took the whole insanity storyline out, but with it, it just doesn't.
I already wrote my piece but I wanted to reply directly to your post. The last mission is saving your brother NOT killing Hoyt. He may want to kill Hoyt and Vaas but they throw his thought to be dead brother in at the end to mess it all up. They should have let him stay dead and make the end a revenge story.
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