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fuck Kenny. he's a bitch. i sided with him on shit that made sense but when he was being a little bitch i told him what was what. he even LOOKS annoying. i wish i had a chance to kill him off...would've taken it. can't stand his redneck ass "i know everything & i'm gonna do things my way" attitude.

as for Ben, i don't know why, but i saved him. even after seeing him fuck up so many times, for some reason i saved him. i actually regret that decision. i believe the only reason i did it was because Clementine took a liking to him. but what does she know? she's an idiot who, instead of listening to logic, went behind my back trying to find her parents by talking to some weirdo on the walkie talkie & not telling me about it. sure...she's a kid & Lee's not her father, but after looking after her for so long, wouldn't u think she'd have enough sense to at least mention "hey, i've been talking to this weirdo guy who says he can help me find my parents...what do u think?" of course not. she's 8 years old & very gullible.

i personally wish i had fucked Kenny up when he got an attitude with me while he was drunk. i mean i felt bad for the guy cause his wife committed suicide & i had him kill his kid, but the motherfucker has serious issues & i'm not one to stand for that shit in life, nevermind a video game. so of course i cursed his ass the fuck out when it was time to look for Clem. didn't give a shit how he felt about it either. fuck Kenny.

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