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Originally Posted by niko da bos View Post
i finally got 'mile high club!' i've come to the conclusion that people who had an easy time, must've gotton lucky with the squad AI. i did the EXACT same strategy over and over, only thing that changes is how i get screwed over.

it was either half of the enemies dropping into last stand when i hipfire, or squad AI missing obvious targets. some enemies magically stand up halfway thru the flash duration, it was just aggrivating because i won by using the same strategy i used for forever. only thing that changed, is the game decided no BS on that particular run thru.

not to mention i shot the damn VIP TWO TIMES!!! lol the first time it happened last night i nearly cried, then after the second choke i was determined!

/rant over
That's your problem - you followed a strategy you saw to the letter.

You should of just got a feel for your own - it took me a couple of attempts once I'd worked out my pattern and *bleep bloop*.

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