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Mission 16 - Operation Sledgehammer

Mastery - Operation Sledgehammer: Complete all challenges.

Chameleon: Wear all disguises. There is the Hope Police Officer, Agency Grunt, and Agency Heavy Trooper.

Evidence Collector: Collect all of the evidence.

Evidence 1: After you escape, you will be in the main work area for the police. On one of the desks there is a folder to grab. It's the desk to the right of the exit.

Evidence 2:
In the second area, Outgunned, you will be in front of the police station. Straight ahead from the middle steps is an agency vehicle. There are 2 boxes stacked. On top is the evidence.

Evidence 3:
During the Burn area, you will be making your way through a factory. You will eventually get to a big room with a lot of boxes and areas you can climb on (ledges). Right before leaving this area to the next, to the right of the door is the evidence. The next room after has lots of barrels.

Evidence 4:
Once you get to the Hope Fair area, you must run far down the right side of the street. The evidence is located next to some guns on a crate. It can be difficult to get to while hidden, so it might be best just to make a run for it or try to use instinct.
Infiltrator: Never be spotted.

Suit Only: Never put on a disguise.

Vigilante: Take out all police officers in the first area by using melee/subdue. Even on Hard it is pretty easy to run around hitting them all with a police baton.

Misty Eyes:
When you start the Burn area, you will have to make your way through a warehouse. There are quite a few enemies here, and you must eliminate 10 without being spotted. The in-game tracker for the challenge does not trigger, so you will have to rely on your math skills. No one said it was easy being a hitman.

Heavy Armor:
This requires you to use an agency enemy as a human shield, and kill another enemy. This is best done by sneaking up behind one with your gun out (so you can have the option to use them as a shield).

A Cleansing Fire:
Complete the mission.

Surgical Precision - Part 1: Get 3 headshots on agency enemies.

Surgical Precision - Part 2:
Must unlock part 1 first. Get 5 headshots on agency enemies. Point and Shoot works well for this.

Surgical Precision - Part 3:
Must unlock part 2 first. Get 7 headshots on agency enemies within 60 seconds. Point and Shoot needs to be utilized to make this easier. Best is to get around 3 headshots and then find 4 enemies to use Point and Shoot on. This is easily done in front of the police station during the Outgunned area. Keep to your right. You will be able to jump up a ledge with a lone guard up top. Headshot him, peer over the railing and shoot 2 more quickly. Now run to the end of the balcony to the right and look over the railing. There are 4 guards standing still and are perfect to get the Point and Shoot on.

Mission 17 - One of a Kind

No Challenges: There are no challenges, but there are some costumes and evidence you can find.

: When you are in the tailor's shop, look to your left after the counter to find a door. Go through the door and down the stairs. There is some evidence on the desk.
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Another great guide, you are the best Tyger. There should be a forum section comprised entirely of your guides alone with a top sticky thread for praise.
The things people say to get to 5 posts...

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