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Mission 18 - Blackwater Park

This mission is actually quite difficult. The best bet for the first part is to eliminate the two guards in front of the main entrance. Disguise yourself, and do your best to head inside and sneak to your right where the checkpoint is. Continue on and there is a janitor behind a shelf. Quickly kill him and take his disguise. You will want to find the manager and take his. From here you can complete the area how you see fit.

The Penthouse has tons of guards. The best guard to disguise yourself as is a masked one. Only other masked guards will notice you. Otherwise, you have free roam over the whole area as this character. This makes the Penthouse a lot easier.

Mastery - Blackwater Park: Complete all challenges.

Wear all disguises. There are a lot on this mission (a total of 9). Bodyguard, Custodian, Plumber, Samurai, Receptionist, Manager, Interior Guard, Park Exterior Guard, and Tactical Team. The Samurai is the secret disguise and is located in the Penthouse. You will find dummy models standing up (much like the scarecrow disguise).

Evidence Collector:
Collect all evidence.

Evidence 1:
This is on the very right area from where you start. There is a car parked below and a small security room with TVs. The evidence is inside. This is extremely hard to get without having a disguise.

Evidence 2:
There is a big whale skeleton related to a few challenges in the Penthouse area. Also there is a harpoon. To the side of the harpoon are couches. One of the couches has evidence on it.

Do not get spotted.

Suit Only:
Do not wear any disguises.

Crash Course:
Near the back of the building (inside), is a film projector. Down the hall by a cabinet there is a film reel to pick up. Play that film on the projector.

Laundry Day:
Dump 3 bodies in the laundry chute. There are a few ways to get here. It's basically to the left when you enter the building from the main entrance. There are coat racks and the door you see from there is the laundry room.

Horn of Plenty:
Complete the following challenges: Savage Sushi, Straight to the Heart, Bones, Fired Up, Mocking Bird, and Skin Trade.

You Can Manage:
Wear the manager's disguise and enter the elevator. The manager wears the maroon suit. You can follow the lady that walks around that is head of security and she will open the door randomly.

I Got My Eyes on You:


Mile High Club:
Complete the challenges You Can Manage, I Got My Eyes on You, and Hack'n'Backslash.

Hit Him Where It Hurts:
Eliminate the target Layla and complete the mission.

You must shoot 3 enemies with the harpoon, located in the big room with the whale skeleton. This is in the Penthouse area. You can use the display ahead of the harpoon to distract people to walk in front of the harpoon. You only get one shot, so you will have to make use of a checkpoint or future replays. Also, killing the target Layla with the harpoon gives you another challenge (Straight to the Heart). She counts as an enemy for this challenge as well.

Glitch: For some reason, I finished my final kill with Whaling while dressed as a samurai and killing an enemy with the katana from behind. You stab the enemy in the back of the head. This was after actually getting a harpoon kill (specifically Layla).

There is a whale skeleton in one of the large rooms. Go upstairs and pull the lever to release it and crush guards. You must kill 5 of them using this method. It's best to play the display model music below so that the guards form underneath.

Dump 5 guards over the railing in the Penthouse area. There is an outside balcony. You can do this however you want, sneakily or spotted. It does not have to be in one go.

Savage Sushi:
In the Penthouse, you must poison Layla. This requires poison. Upstairs is Dexter's Son's room which has a checkpoint. From this room, take a right and use instinct (there are lasers eveywhere). Pick up the poison in on the counter. Now exit and go down the stairs and go left. There is a dinging room. Poison the sushi. Layla will walk by and take a bite and die.

Straight to the Heart:
Kill Layla with the harpoon. This counts towards 1/3 enemies for Whaling as well. While she is walking towards the big room with the harpoon and whale skeleton above, play the display model to distract her. She will stand in the line of sight. Shoot the harpoon to get the challenge completed.

This is exactly the same as the Cetacea challenge, except that you must eliminate Layla this way. She walks by and you can also distract her with the model. You can get both challenges in one go.

Fired Up:
From the checkpoint upstairs (described in a few other challenges), go down the stairs. Keep left and go straight to the dining room. Right when you enter, look left for the door to the balcony area. There is a BBQ and gas can next to it to your left. Go back where you came but pass the stairs. Follow to the right through the rooms until you get to one with a fireplace. Wait for Layla to gear near and throw the gas container into the fireplace to cause an explosion that kills her.

Upstairs in the Penthouse area, there is a room with a sniper in it. This is Dexter's son's room. It has a tiger rug in it as well as a checkpoint. There is a sniper laying by the window. Wait here and use this window to snipe your target. Wait until she is on a balcony and shoot her in the back of the head so that she falls. You must trigger her walking by picking up the sniper and walking around til she moves.

Skin Trade:
Go to where the target is, and she will walk into a hidden door. Follow her. She will attempt to seduce you and then shoot you. Quickly shoot her first.

Blue Collar:

Ronin - Part 1:
This requires a disguise. The Samurai disguise is found on the dummy models in the Penthouse area. You must also pick up a katana which are also scattered around on display. Kill 1 guard with the sword.

Ronin - Part 2:
You must first have part 1 unlocked. You must kill 7 guards with the katana while wearing the samurai disguise, and without being spotted.

Ronin - Part 3:
You must first have part 2 unlocked. Kill Layla (the target) with the sword. You can kill her by slicing her or by throwing the sword at her.
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