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Originally Posted by The Pants Party View Post
I just had a quick question: at the loading screen each week with the matchmaking update, it says sometimes "episode x now available" even though they've been out a while now. I haven't played the campaign or SpOps yet, so I'm not sure, but is only one episode available at a time, and will Season 1 be taken down when Season 2 is out? I can't imagine so with the tied achievements, but I just want to check.
Only one episode is available in matchmaking sessions. They are currently running "re-runs" of the first season. I haven't played today but yesterday the matchmaking was actually done on legendary which was new for me. Not sure if the first season will remain but I think it will still be there b/c like you say, they will still want those cheevos to be obtainable, I would think.
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