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I watched the movie again tonight, last time (it was also first time) i saw it was i think last year christmas, when i bough the game as well on a buzz after watching the movie. So i tough yeah hey why not play a bit the game after the movie... I love this movie its just soooo good even tough its completly stupid, but the kind of "stupid movies" i love

I did the fourth lev, i got to the boss with no lives... i had few hopes but eventually i manage to weak the boss like crazy beating her with those wooden sword... until she hit me once... made me loose my weapon... and then it was BAM BAM BAM my health down like crazy she killed me... flashing like she was about to die... AAARH, that level was so long too...

Damn seriously i mean... why the fuck this game is SOOO HARD... would i play the hardest difficulty i would understand but i play AVERAGE JOE, it should be the easiest... normally playing on easy should be pretty much a walk in the park... But well i guess i need to spend that cash i got right? So pretty much what i need to do is buy all these things that up my attacks and defense? That should fixe it right?

I got near 300 bucks right now, i don't even think i need to do a money glitch... lol im not interested of doing the full completion on this game, all i want is beat the final boss, have fun, cause the movie is awesome.

I think the biggest fail for this game is no online.... pretty much like Soul Calibur 1 on xbox live arcade.... would had been epic with online... but i got nobody to play this locally, so im stuck to playing alone... why? Playing online with peoples would had been so fun...

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