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Duck Hunt
On Hard this mission is just stupid. You will spend about 95% of the mission at 10% health, getting shot constantly by everything in 100 mile radius, while your squadmates fly in circles and do nothing to help you. Luckily, you don't actually need to do anything to finish the mission on Hard, and you can come back to do some/all of the medals and the score if you want.
5-Star Score 45,000+
Antipodean Ace Medal
Destroy 1 enemy plane in inverted flight
At the start of the mission, open up the menu and change the controls to simulation. This will allow you to use the to flip yourself upside and continue to jiggle the to stay that way. Once you have changed the controls, point yourself toward the left most bomber, which is trailing smoke, and move the left or right so you're upside down and shoot at the target. A single burst should kill the target, which is why I told you to aim for that one. If you somehow mess up, try and weaken the other plans before trying again so you only have to hit them once or twice will inverted to get a kill and make your life easier.
Anti-bomber service recognition badge
Shoot down 38 enemy bombers
Shoot down every single bomber (red marked enemy) as they appear, because they can and will escape if you dilly dally for too long. I highly recommend you do this on a lower difficulty setting, as it's pretty much a deathwish on Hard.
Pursuit of excellence pin
Play the mission again, improving your score.
You'll want to do this on multiple difficulties, most likely getting a higher score on the lower difficulty.

For King and Country
On Hard, the Spitfire really stands out as the best plane you've used yet, being very agile, having great firepower, and a very fast recovery speed to counter it's horrible armor. Making quick strafing runs and continuously launch rockets into large groups of planes to get decent combos, while staying alive.
Start the mission off by taking the time to do the God Save The King Achievement by following the river and flying under each bridge. For me the achievement took about 10 seconds to unlock, and made me lag a bit and crash into London Bridge, so fair warning on that. Probably best to just restart the mission after it pops anyway.
Also a great time to get Ace of the Skies for taking out 6 planes in under a minute, A Confirmed Kill for shooting down a plane (NOT a bomber) with a rocket, and Trigger Happy for shooting 100 rockets in a mission.
5-Star Score 30,000+
Anti-bomber service recognition badge
Shoot down 20 enemy bombers
The primary objective is to shoot down bombers, so you will most certainly get this in the process
Gold combat badge
Shoot down 30 enemy planes
Make sure you shoot down at least 10 fighters will going for the 20 enemy bombers, and you will get this as well.
Reconnaissance pin
Take a closer look at the landmark
From the start of the mission, fly near the large domed building that is down and to your right and the pop up will appear telling you the landmark has been marked.

The Battle of Midway
A very straightforward mission, just get some notice torpedo action while evading a little bit of flak fire, mainly coming from the ships. Read the Efficient special ordnance pin description if you are having trouble.
5-Star Score 20,000+
Efficient special ordnance pin - Torpedoes
Sink 9 ships with torpedoes
At the beginning of the mission you'll get a brief torpedo tutorial, basically they work like bombs as far as aiming, but you have to drop them before the circle is on top of the target and use the dotted line to judge where the torpedo will go. As soon as the mission starts, drop down a bit and leave your speed where it is so you can drop a torpedo and reload before each ship. The ships are basically all aircraft carriers and their cruiser escorts and taking out all of them before you run out of fuel will get you this pin and allow you to finish the bonus challenge.
Outstanding American pilot versatility badge II
Finish the mission flying Douglas SBD-5 'Dauntless'
You don't have this plane yet, so you'll need to wait until you get it to get this badge (end of the Act).
Experienced combat pilot badge
Finish the mission without using the Ace Mode
Since the entire battle revolves around sinking some boats, this should come even easier than usual.

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