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Payback Time
Not a very Hard mission overall, even on Hard. Basically stick to use the bomb and double tap to drop them two at a time for bonus points. Once you get to the airfield try and aim for groups to get a combo going. After clearing the area with bombs, be sure to land on the longer runway for the bravery medal.
Drop a bomb on a plane as it takes off for Moving Target.
5-Star Score: 200,000
Naval operations recognition badge
Destroy 6 ships with bombs
Be sure to switch to your bombs when you start the level by pressing , after that just let 'em drop because there are tons of boats to sink.
Tactical recognition badge
Destroy 9 enemy planes on the ground
To pretty much guarantee this, I recommend having your bombs equipped and flying straight passed the runaway plane you chase after bombing the harbor. Once you see the airfield, prepare to drop bombs at the far end of either runway, which is where the planes are Taxiing. There are also a couple of planes parked near the runway you can take out.
Medal for exceptional bravery
Land on the enemy airfield
Once you've cleared out the airfield, land on the longer runway and take off again to finish off the planes in the sky and finish the mission.

Special Delivery
You can get passed this mission with no hassle on Hard by landing at the correct airfield the first time around. Read the badge/pin requirements for details.
The Onslaught unlocks once you finish the level. Halfway through the campaign!
5-Star Score: >60,000 which is 4 stars on Hard
Silver Combat Badge
Shoot down 3 enemy planes
Enemy planes will only appear if you land at the false landing zone. Your allies will make a remark about thinking the landing zone is the wrong one. It will probably be the first you see along the river (it's the closest to the starting point)
Outstanding operational efficiency badge
Complete all secondary mission objectives
Land at the real runway, and when you have to go blow up a bridge, shoot it with 4 missiles and then wait for the convoy to get on top of the bridge before shooting it with 4 more to get the bonus objective.
Reconnaissance pin
Take a closer look at the landmark
As the mission starts, turn to your back left and fly along the coast toward the castle you should remember from the last mission. A pop-up will appear when you are close enough for the pin. Press to boost your speed, as you'll be timed while doing this. Make sure you do not land at the runway that causes one of your allies to say "that's odd, intelligence said it was farther war" or something like that. The real runway is a little farther along the river.

Act II

Hunting Season
From the start, stay far left to avoid the first ship that comes up on the left. Once you see another ship, turn right and ease between that shit and the first ship, staying an equal distance from both as you head toward the target island. Evade some groups of planes and then you'll find the Admiral and his escort. Check out the silver combat badge description for a way to get the 5-star score on Hard.
5-Star Score: 10000+
Silver combat badge
Shoot down 5 enemy planes
You basically have 5 planes shoved down your throat once you find the Admiral's plane. On Hard I would recommend backtracking a bit from that checkpoint and then turning back toward the planes so the 5 of them are grouped up and then unload all of your rockets before evading out of the way and pray that works, otherwise you'll be dead in under a second (seriously).
Outstanding American pilot versatility badge I
Finish the mission flying NAA P-92 'Twin Mustang'
You will unlock this after finishing the Act.
Pursuit of excellence pin
Play the mission again, improving your score.
You'll need to play it twice for the 2nd badge anyway, but restarting the mission works fine too.

Ships in the Night
On Hard just intercept the enemy fleet, shoot down a lot of planes and then head back to base. Focus on sinking as many cruisers as you can until they start bombing your base and then take out the bombers and head back to finish off the ships. The bombers are the only real threat to shooting you down.
5-Star Score 25,000+
Efficient special ordnance pin - Torpedoes
Sink 5 ships with torpedoes
See Naval operations recognition badge
Naval operations recognition badge
Destroy 5 ships with bombs
As far as I can tell there aren't 10 ships, so focus on using one of the two, bombs or torpedoes, to take out all of the ships and then do the mission over again with the other.
Aerial combat recognition pin
Shoot down 10 enemy fighter
You can get all 10 fighters easily when you first intercept the enemy fleet. The bombers also have some fighter escorts you can fight.

A New Kind of Weapon
You can get the A Private Party achievement by shooting down all V-1 rockets before they hit London. Use Ace Mode (), set your wingmen to fire at will () and use the Gloster Meteor Mk. I to make this much easier (you may also want to do it on Easy).
5-Star Score 25,000+
Outstanding British pilot versatility badge I
Finish the mission flying Hawker Hurricane Mk. II
You have this available as an alternate plane from the get go, although it's slow speed and overall poor stats may interfere with your Hard mode efforts. If you're on any other difficulty, feel free to fly it without fear of getting shot down.
Outstanding operation efficiency badge
Complete all secondary mission objectives
Do not let any Rockets hit the city. This will unlock with the Achievement.
Expereienced combat pilot badge
Finish the mission without using the Ace Mode
Ace Mode will be very helpful in getting the achievement, so don't plan on getting it this run unless you're on Easy.

The Best Defense
5-Star Score 30,000+
Gunner Pin
Destroy 5 vehicles with guns
Your machine guns don't help much on Hard, but only 5 vehicles isn't too much
Outstanding operational efficiency badge
Complete all secondary mission objectives
The mission will quickly start out with 3 V-1 missiles being fired and you must destroy all of them for the bonus objective. Fly right over the ocean when you start and shoot them down as they enter the sky and then quickly turn to where they came from and unleash a couple of rocket barrages to keep anymore missiles from being shot.
Medal for excellence in aerial combat
Win a duel with an ace
The Ace pilot will appear (with a cut scene) at the end of the mission. For whatever reason this does not seem to unlock properly if you shoot him down with a rocket, even though that is technically a win for you. So take the long way around and just shoot him a lot.

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