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Search and Rescue
Some key things to note, for 5-starring this on Hard, are the fact that your plane has basically a semi-automatic bomb-dropping system. Every time you top you will drop a bomb. Knowing this, I highly recommend weaving back and forth to cover as much ground as you can when bombing the camp - carpet bomb it - and slow down while bombing along the length of the battleships when you're bombing them for maximum combos and points overall. Also note, that once the group of 4 battleships appear, you must finish off the score before saving the crew from the island as the mission will finish once you save them.
5-Star Score 95,000+
Gold Combat badge
Shoot down 2 enemy planes
Shortly after starting the mission you'll encounter 3 Japanese Zeroes heading your way. The plane you're flying maneuvers like a bus, so try and take out as many as you can while they're still flying straight toward you. Luckily, the gun is pretty powerful.
Pursuit of excellence pin
Play the mission again, improving your score
Play it once, and then play it again on a lower difficulty, or just do better.
Medal of perserverance
Finish the mission without dying
The main issue with this on Hard is the anti-aircraft fire you encounter on the first island. In general, you'll want to fly rather high up, which can make it harder for you to aim your bombs (hold before dropping bombs to help aim), but it helps you avoid both AA fire, and the fire from the smaller weapons on the base. Other than that, that boats aren't too big of an issue, and the planes only really do damage if they fly in to you (which they can and will do). Also watch out for your own planes..I actually ended up crashing when a "teammate" flew into me.

Island in the Mist
Very easy level overall as you have a ton of support and most of the fire will be directed at your bombers once they appear. You'll want to rack up as many combo points as possible by bombing/shooting rockets at the land targets in the beginning of the level, and then just riding out the rest of the fight, trying to shoot down planes with rockets and getting the inverted kill.
5-Star Score 50,000+
Tactical recognition badge
Destroy 5 enemy planes on the ground
Right off the bat, use to switch to your missiles and head to the airfield on your left. Aim for the yellow targets and continue to launch rocket volleys until you've killed at least 5 of them.
Antipodean Ace Medal
Destroy 1 enemy plane in inverted flight
Once again, open the menu and switch the controls to simulation and then flip yourself upside until you get a kill. Save this for the part where you must protect the bombers and kill the incoming airplanes.
Medal for exceptional bravery
Land on the enemy airfield
This appears to only count if you land on the largest runway in the main part of the airfield. You can do it at any time during the fight, though I recommend clearing the AA and tanks out first.

Raising the Flag
This time around, a lot of the enemy aircraft will be firing at you alone, especially during the tank-killing portion of the mission. Focus on getting the medals and the score should come naturally, especially if you shoot the missiles in just the right way at the tank groups to take all 3 of them out in one hit for a nice bonus.
5-Star Score 50,000+
Medal for exceptional combat efficiency
Destroy all enemy vehicles in a mission
At the start of the mission, make sure you blow up all of the yellow targets that are on the ground and then personally kill all of the tanks in the next part of the mission (3 groups of 3).
Medal for outstanding vigilance
Shoot down 15 kamikazes (planes or boats)
After you've cleared out the three sets of tanks, Kamikaze planes will start going after your ships and they'll be you're next objective. Way more than 15 planes will appear, and they are pretty easy to shoot down, so just focus on cutting them down as they come into range of you and you'll be fine.
Outstanding American pilot versatility badge II
Finish the mission flying Grumman TBF-1 'Avenger'
As usual, you have to choose the worst plane available and finish the mission with it. While you can do it on Hard, I would recommend just going through it on Easy.

The Last Battleship
P-38 Lightning is a safe bet for this one. Read the achievement and medal descriptions for a run through on Hard.
You will unlock V for Victory if you played the whole game on Hard, The Road to Victory for beating Act II and you can also unlock Divine Thunder for finishing the level without a single ally battleship being sunk. For the battleship one, make sure you don't let any Kamikaze boats hit the ships so you can just start over fresh from the checkpoint at the beginning of the fight with the Yamato if any of your ships sink. Check on your ships every now and then to see if you need to restart.
5-Star Score 30,000+
Outstanding American pilot versatility badge I
Finish the mission flying NAA P-28 'Twin Mustang'
This plane will not be available until you finish the mission (and the act). Once you've done that, replay the mission flying that plane.
Aerial combat recognition pin
Shoot down 10 enemy fighters
Tons of fighters appear during the fight with the Yamato and her escort, but going for 10+ fighters may void your Divine Thunder achievement if you're going for that now.
Medal of perseverance
Finish the mission without dying
With the constant threat of being shot down, and the inclusion of an Ace at the end of the mission, I recommend you save this for an Easy playthrough.

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