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Russia Under Siege DLC
(Eastern Winds)

Somewhat tricky when it comes to getting 5 stars on Hard, as well as going for the Gunner pin on Hard. There are plenty of tanks to kill, but their constant fire, and the distraction from enemy aircraft can make reaching a really high combo a bit difficult. Worst case scenario you will need to do it twice, luckily it's not too long and actually quite fun.
5-Star Score 90,000+
Anti-armored service recognition badge
Destroy 35 enemy tanks
You will encounter two huge convoys of enemy tanks during the duration of the mission, kill about 75% of them yourself and you'll get this badge. Obviously stick to doing strafe runs with your missiles and aim in the middle of any groups.
Gunner pin
Destroy 15 vehicles with guns
Going for this and the Anti-armored badge together on Hard can be rather difficult as the tanks take quite a bit longer to kill with your machine guns on Hard. On the other difficulties, or after you've done the above medal, you can get this without much issue by doing basic strafing runs over the tank convoys.
Outstanding Soviet pilot versatility badge I
Finish the mission flying Polikarpov I-16
Finish the DLC missions to unlock this plane.

All Aboard
You will unlock the All Aboard.. achievement by stopping the train before it reaches the station (which is before where the train actually stops). The train will appear near the end of the mission, just make sure you continuously launch rockets at the front of the train. Also, flying at minimum speed allows you to drop multiple bombs on the roof of the train as it will only be going a little bit slower than you (with the Ilyushin). This can be rather difficult on Hard.
5-Star Score 70,000+
Medal for exceptional combat efficiency
Destroy all enemy vehicles in a mission
Clear all of the radio tower camps, all of the secondary objectives, and the tanks that appear near the train tracks. It may also include the vehicles that shoot you from on top of the train.
Outstanding Soviet pilot versatility badge II
Finish the mission flying Polikarpov I-16
This will be your 2nd choice for a plane for this mission, however it is awful compared to the Ilyushin Il-2.
Outstanding operational efficiency badge
Complete all secondary mission objectives
Intercept the Fascist convoy then destroy the Romanian fighters that appear

A Night in the Reich
A rather fun and simple mission. Some general tips are to use your rockets for the duration of the mission and shoot them at a steady pace so you can fire a stream of them instead of having to wait and reload and you should also be moving your crosshairs around to carpet bomb an area. This allows you to build up huge combos as there will be constant rocket attacks on any given target. The initial rocketing of the planes for the badge should net you over 200k points alone. After that, it's all about staying alive and getting multiple hits on target (for the V-1 rocket launchers) and trying to get multi-kill combos.
5-Star Score 300,000+
Medal of Perserverance
Finish the mission without dying
Not overly difficult as most of the planes will be focused on your allies, so your only real threat will be the tanks in the first base, which will be yellow markers scattered around the base (only a couple, but they're accurate and powerful).
Efficient special ordnance pin - Rockets
Destroy 15 enemy buildings with rockets
Basically just stick to rockets for the duration of the level, the red markers on the ground are usually buildings, if you can't otherwise tell by the fact that they're not shooting at you.
Tactical recognition badge
Destroy 10 enemy planes on the ground
Very simple as there is a massive group of planes (yellow markers) grouped up on the left side of the area as you start the mission, just bomb them with rockets and you're good to go, plus you'll get a huge score, which you will need to 5 star the mission.

The Battle of Kursk
Not my favorite mission, though very easy to 5-star, it's not so easy to get the second badge on, so I would recommend cleaning it up with the best plane available, and also on the lowest difficulty. One quick tip for the Ace that appears at the end of the mission is once he kills you (meaning you have trouble with him) he will then appear to the bottom right of you on your screen after the checkpoint, so fly straight towards him and keep launching rockets to finish him off easy.
5-Star Score 40,000+
Anti-armored service recognition badge
Destroy 25 enemy tanks
Clear out as many tanks as you can in the opening sequence before the bombers appear and keep track of how many you killed. Once the first wave of bombers are gone, head back down and finish off the remaining tanks.
Selfless service badge
Allow less than 75% damage to escorted units
To make this even feasibly possible on Hard (obviously much easier on lesser difficulties), start clearing the tanks from left to right (red markers to yellow markers), starting from range with your rockets and then swapping to close range bombs to clear out as many as you can as you make your way to the right side of the screen to meet the three bomber groups that spawn and you must quickly take them out. The next group of bombers thankfully spawns much farther away.
Outstanding Soviet pilot versatility badge I
Finish the mission flying Petlyakov Pe-3bis
Use or to choose this twin engine plane during the mission select. It's not quite as armored as some of the other planes, but then again there's no badge for not dying this time around.

Bombs Over Berlin
Not much to say, it's just a straight forward aerial escort where you must keep the enemy fighters (and later tanks) off of your ally bomber squadron. When one of the bombers gets shot down, make sure to keep him safe from enemy fighters, otherwise it may inflict a big chunk of damage in the escort's health.
5-Star Score 18,000+
Selfless service badge
Allow less than 75% damage to escorted units
I'd recommend doing this on Easy, and be sure to take care of the tanks that appear on the ground in the second half of the mission. Otherwise, much easier than the last mission, which doesn't make sense since he still crashes.
Outstanding Soviet pilot versatility badge I
Finish the mission flying Polikarpov I-16
Use to select this flying heap of metal and pray you don't get shot, ever. I would recommend doing this on Hard and the above badge on easy, or vice versa.
Gold combat badge
Shoot down 25 enemy planes
Not quite as easy on Hard as it would usually be as the escort is constantly moving and there can be long gaps without seeing even a single enemy before a large group appears right before the end of the mission that you must quickly dispatch. Be sure to use the best plane available to make life easier.

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