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Siege of Berlin
One thing to note about this level is that once you clear out most of the tanks and you see a convoy escaping, wait until one of the trucks gets into a plane on the runway and tries to leave. Once it's taking off, destroy it and go after the rest of the vehicles that are escaping down the road.
5-Star Score 39,500+
Anti-armored service recognition badge
Destroy 12 enemy tanks
Since you only need 1 rocket per tank, and quite a few spawn in the airstrip you must capture, you should be able to get this without much work.
Outstanding Soviet pilot versatility badge II
Finish the mission flying Polikarpov I-16
This plane is still awful, and quite frankly getting obnoxious.
Aerial combat recognition pin
Shoot down 20 enemy fighters
While there are tons of enemy fighters on this level, you will spend most of the time flying around doing other objectives so it can be difficult to do this if you take too long focusing on other things.

Rise of the Jetfighter
Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat will unlock once you shoot down the enemy Ace, and Eastern Winds will unlock once you finish the mission. Depending on how you have been playing, Famous Ace may also unlock now, or on another mission when you mop up.
5-Star Score 80,000? (Guesstimate) 60,000 was 3 stars
Gold combat badge
Shoot down 10 enemy planes
Because you're more or less racing against the clock, you may want to try this on a lower difficulty setting. Either way, there are plenty of planes to be shot down, but not much spare time between tank-busting and Ace-killing.
Gunner pin
Destroy 25 vehicles with guns
Another one you may want to lower the difficulty for as there are a ton of tanks to kill, and machine gun damage isn't as time effective on Hard as it is on other difficulties. Whatever your choice, keep track of how many of the tanks you take out before swapping to rockets. You may even want to soften them up with a rocket shot on higher difficulties to save time.
Medal for excellence in aerial combat
Win a duel with an ace
As far as I can tell this is story related, and will also net you an achievement. However, during the story mode there was a medal for destroying an ace, which I did not get and I suspect it was because I shot him down with a rocket, so I decided to shoot this guy down with my regular guns. Feel free to try either way, especially since there are plenty of opportunities to rocket him.

Fires Over Africa DLC
(The Sands of Africa)

The Rats of Tobruk
This mission tasks you with protecting a city that is under siege by enemy planes, tanks, and boats, and you must take them out in that respective order. Thankfully, the targets only seem to be a threat to the city while they are still highlighted as red, so once the planes are no longer the target, move on to the tanks, and then the same with the boats. Although you can get the Gunner pin on Hard, the Gold combat badge may be a tad more difficult unless you focus on the planes for a bit even after they turn yellow and the tanks appear. Only one of the three tank convoys that appear is close to the city at first, so you may want to kill that group before returning to the planes.
You can pretty easily get Flying Hunter - sink 5 ships in under a minute - as each of the ships that come at the end of the mission takes about 16 rockets to blow up, so take them all down to about 25% health and then finish them all off 1-by-1.
5-Star Score 80,000+
Gold combat badge
Shoot down 15 enemy planes
Gunner pin
Destroy 10 vehicles with guns
As always, lower the difficulty or soften them up with rockets.
Reconnaissance pin
Take a closer look at the landmark
To the back left of the area is a huge stone archway over a river. Fly close to get the pop-up saying you'll get the pin.

Naval Warfare
You must escort a convoy to safety while fighting enemy planes, mines, and a really big boat. Using rocket volleys on the battleship, and taking out all the mines in one bomb a piece will get you 5 stars easily.
5-Star Score 27,500+
Silver combat badge
Shoot down 15 enemy planes
To be completely honest I didn't even notice 15 planes my first time around, and you will want to make sure you go after every single plane to get this, which may very well void an attempt at the next bade as the bombers and battleship may go unchecked.
Selfless service badge
Allow less than 75% damage to the escorted units
To help this along, IGNORE the enemy patrol that appears off to the right of the convoy. After a few seconds a huge group of bombers will appear directly on top of the convoy and demolish it if you can't get to it in time (and maybe even then too). The mines in the next section are easily taken out with one bomb per group. After that you have to fight the battleship from the last mission. All you need to do is get him to half health and the mission will end. Slowing to minimum speed and firing rocket volleys is probably the quickest method. As long as the convoy has OVER 25% health, you should get this badge.
Experienced combat pilot
Finish the mission without using the Ace Mode
Don't press and hold and you're golden.

Desert Storm
This mission is a little ridiculous in the fact that you could finish it in about two seconds with rockets, and it's the one mission where you don't have any rockets...or bombs..or anything at all aside from your machine guns, which you need to use to take out three bombers and three super bombers while pretty much flying on top of them. You also can't fly above them or you'll get hit by AA, or below them because you'll get hit by..the Earth. One big tip is to take the first right the planes pass in the canyon, as they will take the next right and loop around to where you are, because for the planes take a lot more damage from the front than the back and cutting them off like this can get you some easy damage, and is much safer than following them. Pair that with dealing a lot of damage as they take off from the airstrip, and you just might make it.
5-Star Score 27,000+
Gunner pin
Destroy 10 vehicles with guns
Between the power of the main plane in this mission, and the presence of many very weak vehicles (the halftracks), AND the fact that the first portion of the mission is very close quarters, this pin isn't too bad on any difficulty as long as you avoid tank fire.
Outstanding British pilot versatility badge I
Finish the mission flying Handley-Page Halifax Mk. III
You will need to finish these DLC missions to unlock the plane for this mission (thankfully it's not the PZL.37 'Los').
Pursuit of excellence pin
Play the mission again, improving your score
You will need to do this mission twice, anyway, so try and do "bad" your first time if you want to make the second one easier to do better in.

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