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Convoy Hunting
On Hard, I recommend fighting the first group of enemy planes, and then starting on the large convoy of ships as more planes will eventually come and I cannot tell you how many times I cleared the convoy only to get kamikazed by a damn plane right after as they ignore you almost entirely until all the ships are gone, so the fewer planes there are, the better. The E-boats you fight after this can be really annoying as well.
A second opportunity to get the Flying Hunter achievement, and perhaps even better than the previous as there are a lot of ships.
5-Star Score 39,000+
Naval operations recognition badge
Destroy 9 ships with bombs
There are tons and tons of ships in this mission, and I highly recommend softening all of them up with rockets first. Do note that the bombs seem to do a lot more damage than rockets on the large freighters, and the opposite for the destroyers. Make sure you get the 1250 point (bomb) kill bonus at least 9 times.
Outstanding British pilot versatility badge II
Finish the mission flying Gloster Meteor Mk. I.
from the primary plane will allow you to fly the Gloster, which trades the Beaufighter's armor and armaments for Speed ( a lot of speed). Use agile planes such as this, I suggest softening up the boats for the naval ops badge with rockets prior to using the bomb(s) to finish them off.
Experienced combat pilot badge
Finish the mission without using Ace Mode
No .

Showdown at El Alamein
It is important to try and combo targets as much as possibly, be it tanks, or bunkers. Use a bomb + rocket mix to take out two takes at a time for combos in the first section of the mission. Once your ally waits for you to clear the mines, you can choose to instead shoot down some planes for more points, which may void your selfless service badge depending on your difficulty. Once you've had your fill, try and line up the mines so you can drop two bombs to combo 6 mines (1 bomb can take out a 3 mine group). Once that is done, a couple of bunkers appear on a hill to the left of El Alamein that you can combo together, and there are some tanks parked on a hill overlooking a town that you can combo as well. Be sure to also take out the bombers for the defense badge. After that the mission is basically over.
5-Star Score 100,000+
Gold Combat Badge
Shoot down 15 enemy planes
There are plenty of planes, optional and necessary, that you can shoot down during this mission.
Anti-armored service recognition badge
Destroy 15 enemy tanks
Again, plenty of tanks to take out, just make sure you're the one getting the kills.
Selfless service badge
Allow less than 75% damage to escorted units
This is possible on Hard as long as you stay on top of quickly getting rid of the red targets as they appear, especially the bombers, which are actually pretty easy to take out. You will also want to take out the yellow bunkers to the left of town as well as any fighters between objectives.

The Conte di Cavour
A very straight forward, although rather annoying mission that tasks you with bombing a sitting, killing and Ace, and sinking a ship, all while getting shot at by every German and Italian in Africa. The three badge/pins in this mission cover the basics of what you're doing in the mission, so read those descriptions if you need help. As with pretty much any bombing mission, you should have plenty of points to spare after getting a 5-Star score.
The Sands of Africa will complete once you finish this, the last mission of the DLC.
5-Star Score 75,000+
Efficient special ordnance pin - Torpedoes
Sink 3 ships with Torpedoes
Dealing with the ships using actually Torpedoes isn't too bad, but I highly recommend you do not fly over the boats as the main target has some very accurate AA guns that have a rather limited range, so circle around the outside and keep launching Torpedoes, sinking the escorts first and then the big guy so you get credit for all 3. If you're having fighter trouble and are at low health, fly in circles...seriously. Fly low, and fly in circles, dropping a torpedo every time you circle around to face the Conte di Cavour.
Medal for excellence in aerial combat
Win a duel with an ace
Once you see the cut scene for the Ace as you approach the Battleships, IMMEDIATELY turn left and unload on him as he flies straight toward you. You are basically a flying fortress, he however is made of paper.
Efficient special ordnance pin - Bombs
Destroy 10 enemy buildings with bombs.
As far as I can tell, this is pretty much required to proceed, granted you could potentially have a kill stolen from you. The plane you're flying is another bomber that can drop bombs whenever you press the to do so, so you will start the mission off by carpet bombing three areas, with tanks/AA being the more important to kill first (yellow targets) and then the buildings (red targets).

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