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It wasn't too bad, just time consuming to do the constant dashboard and back up my save to the cloud. I don't think I could of done this without the back up save trick, thanks to whoever discovered that.

Ya it is exactly like hard, but with no retry if you die. I am so glad they did not use the Tier 1 difficulty, that would be very hard. The last breach scene in the game was so hard compared to other difficulties, cause I died and the checkpoint was shit and take you outside the house and you would have to fight through the house again. Also, it seems like the enemy AI is fucking crazy and likes to bum rush you on Tier 1. It doesn't take much to kill you on Tier 1

Some tips to follow for Hardcore:
Go slow and be patient
Use semi-auto fire and go for head shots
Push up a little and your squadmates will move up and kinda help you haha

Great guide and youtube videos maka.
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