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I'm seriously hating this game, but I'm a completionist so gotta finish it off before I sell it.
I hate that it's so repetitive. Find your way to the boss, fight, collect light seeds, repeat.

Fight controls are so crap, they not at all fluid so why they bothered implementing an extensive combo system is beyond me.

SUPER RANT: Consecutive blocking designed to piss you off, unstoppable combo strings that end up with you getting thrown against the edge/wall, QTE's!?!? Who thought these were a great idea!?!? Slow movement forcing you to advance with block that also means you are at a disadvantage cos you will attack slower. HATE HATE HATE

Level design is actually okay, but it feels so automatic cos all you need to do is point, press a button and the AI will do the rest...boring

Learning more about Elika involves a silly and unnecessary banter where they just stand there and yap....boring

If it wasn't for the art style and level design this game would suck major ballsack. So the artist's and designers deserve a beer and pat on the back. To everyone else, BOOOOOOOOO!
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